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    Why do some women buy excessive cookware which they do not use often?

    Some women buy extra items such as tea cups, containers, plates, and other cookware but they do not use them at all. The advertisements that they come across daily lure them to purchase such things. Undoubtedly, the items look so colorful and impressive that any person who handles the kitchen and is interested in cooking would buy them. Mostly, the products are purchased online that are neatly packed. In addition, to the products, the carton boxes are also stored which causes much congestion in the kitchen. Kitchens should not be cluttered but should be free of excessive things. Moreover, buying extra kitchen cookware results in a wastage of money which can be easily saved.
    What is your opinion?
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    It all depends on the thinking of the housemaker in the family. When we have regular visitors, using the same set of coffee cups and tea sets may make them lose their look. So if we have another one or two sets and use them alternatively, they look fresh for a long time. But if somebody is purchasing simply for keeping in the showcase is simply a waste of money.
    In some homes, early morning work pressure may be more and to reuse the same item by cleaning them immediately may not be possible for the individual. In such cases, they keep two or three sets to use as required and once the urgency is over and when they find the time. they clean them.
    I agree with the author that the kitchen should not be cluttered and the lady should be able to work very freely. Unnecessarily wasting money is not a wise thing. But rich people may not worry much about the cost and money and may purchase as many items as possible.

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    Many people buy just for the sake of buying that has nothing to do with the actual requirement of the things. It happens with all products, not necessarily with kitchen wares only. Many people buy too many clothes or miscellaneous fancy items which are never used.

    Utensils occupy a special place in many communities. They gift utensils of all sorts to their daughters during their wedding. A kitchen lined with shining brass utensils becomes the highlight of their lifestyle.

    A kitchen is a place where many skillful activities are carried out. Various ladles and specially designed utensils for specialized purposes are required. Nowadays, many gadgets are introduced in the market to attract the attention of homemakers. Many such products come with offers like buy two, get one free, heavy discounts, etc.

    Generally, when people have some money to spare, they spend it on buying anything coming within their budget. It is a human weakness.

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    Good observation from the author and it is the wholesome weakness from the women that they are most easily convincing persons in the world to upsell any product of service , whether they want urgently or not. Women were always inspired by having best things in life and would always vie with each other to outsmart in purchases not withstanding the fact that they already have such products in possession and yet make purchases to prove that they have good collections of wares for the kitchen. Those who never clean the clutters in the kitchen may not be aware of the fact that how much money of the husband has been wasted in purchasing unwanted things and piling up as the waste residue across the home. I am totally against such behavior from the women who makes waste purchases and then earn the wrath.
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    It is nature. One day my wife wanted me to take her to buy a pressure cooker on exchange offer, as the using one getting old. I nodded and both of us went to a branded Pressure cooker show room. After buying a pressure cooker on her satisfaction, she casually noticed here and there and told me to get a table top gas stove with three burners by convincing this and that. I accepted and we bought that also. When we reached the house with them only we found the slab in our kitchen provided for stove was not enough. But without any second thought my wife immediately told me that we can kept the same in loft and can give to my brother's daughter who is going to get married soon.
    Though she was alive during the marriage of my brother's daughter, I gave that stove to her as marriage gift.

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    This varies from individual to individual and some people are really obsessive about buying things from the market either physically or online even if they have the old versions with them. The lure of new items is always there and many of us fall into that after seeing them in the shop or in advertisements. I have seen some impulsive buyers who buy things without thinking about it as where they will store and keep that extra inventory. It is not that some ladies buy only extra kitchen items for their kitchen they even buy many other household items especially when new designs things are introduced in the market. But it is not the ladies that do that because there are many men folks who are also obsessive about buying things even though they had the same old type lying in their houses. So some ladies and some men both are having these impulsive habits and if we go to their houses we can see the clutter everywhere.
    At the same time, I have seen some people who only buy when there is a need and they are very calculative in that matter and never waste a penny on duplicate or redundant items. Some call it miserly actions but I would say it is the prudence they have.

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    Internet and online shopping have made our life so easy. To attract customers, there are many interested and fancy products available in the shopping app. We have got so addicted that even if we do need to buy, we keep checking if there is anything new to purchase. While doing this, if some products catch our eyes, we tend to buy them even if it is not much necessary. This is how; we keep collecting products in our kitchen. Also, from time to time, these shopping apps provide good offers. For the saving some money we buy products. So, we should think before we buy, if it is necessary then only we should buy. Some people also have the habit to showcase their products to the guest or family members who visit. They want to show others how their house is updated with new fancy or fashionable items. In this way, they just waste their money and nothing else. You rightly said that instead of an unnecessary purchase we should keep the money for other expenses. I Hope, people understand about this seriously.

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