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    "We Shall Overcome Some Day"

    Senility is a natural phenomenon. It can happen to every man and woman. Generally when a person reaches above eighty, he/she slowly starts losing the mental faculties. The person slowly turns senile.

    There are some different possibilities in this regard. A man can leave the world with mental faculties fully intact. A man can leave the world with mental faculties partially intact. Or, a man can lose mental faculties very quickly well before reaching seventies. This is called Alzheimer's Syndrome.

    So, senility is an established phenomenon. We have to accept it. Even the celebrities can become senile at a ripe old age. At that time, we have to give due respect to the celebrity, his age, but we must not act according to the celebrity/expert's guidance.

    We must learn to call a spade a spade. We must acknowledge that the respected man has become senile. This does not mean demeaning the celebrity.
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    If at all, I face the senility at the later part of life, I don't know how I will react with that stage since rationality of expression will be lost. Though I feel there is a slow change in my memory. Sometimes, I do recall up that the pen or something which bought recently is not traceable since it is kept somewhere else. Of course, it would be a momentary phase but I am back again with my full memory. I think this might be the case of loosing memory in the gradual stages. I pray to Almighty whatever stage I will face in the future, I can tell my name confidently on being asked by someone. If that does not happen, it would be certainly a terrible phase. But the best part of such a life is that there will be no more regrets for being a senile person.

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    Senility is a mental disorder that comes with age. In some people, it is early while in many it does not arise at all till their death. Medical research is going on in this area to find the treatment for this dreadful condition but a lot of work is still to be done for getting a solution to this problem. Though the exact cause of this condition is not known with certainty it is believed that some sort of malnutrition and lack of exercise could induce it in individuals at an early age.
    When a celebrity or even a normal person gets that syndrome then we must be helpful and cordial to him and the family members should take care of it. There is nothing wrong with accepting that the person is no more normal and has some mental disorders which are very common in some people in their later age. When any common person can have it then a celebrity or an important person cannot be an exception. We must treat all of them alike.

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    Losing memory is a natural phenomenon. As we become older our memory power will come down. The percentage loss will be different from person to person. A person who is very intelligent may also become forgettable over age.
    But senility is something different. It may not happen with all. But aged people tend to be prone to this problem.
    I agree with the author that, a person who did very well may be respected for his achievement. But accepting his guidance or advice should depend on his present status of mind and not based on the old record.
    We need not undermine him and we should accept his past records and give him due respect and acknowledge his skill. But we should not think that whatever he says now is right. To accept or not to accept will depend on the individual.

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    Yes we have observed in many known figures that senility affecting their life in wag end of their living and that would totally disturb the entire home atmosphere. What I could gauge from this disease that they would remember the past happenings of their life probably the childhood period and they may not remember the present and even wont recognize the persons near them. Some doctors even call this disease as Parkinson as the mind is parked at a stage from where the patient could not come out. And pity are the conditions of those who are affected by this disease as when we go to help them they wont even recognize and our help goes in vain. But advancement in medical findings should pave way for knowing a lasting treatment for this disease. Yes we have to adjust with them and be helpful in some way or the other to these persons.
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    I only submit (very humbly, of course) that after the brutal editing of the last Para, there is no co-relation between the title (on which I give much thinking) and the main thread. Now, the title seems to be totally unrelated, irrelevant.
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    A good post-Partha about the old age people. Yes, it is true that with age there are so many changes that happen in the body. People will old age struggle so much to remember something. They do not know sometimes which topic they talking about. They will change the topic suddenly or start talking differently. These all happen due to age. And you rightly said that yes we do need to give them respect but that does not mean that whatever they say is correct and we have to obey that.

    In your last reply to this thread, you talk about editing. I would say, we can't do anything about it. When we post a thread, we need to click "Proceed" after reading the rules and guidelines. There is mentioned – "Our editors reserve the rights to edit, alter or reject any posts without showing any reason". It doesn't matter how we think or feel, the final decision comes from the editor which we already agreed on before posting. And editors here are more knowledgeable people than us to understand a sentence or words.

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    I think the author points his finger at a particular celebrity or a group of celebrities, but I could not guess them. It may be because of his thread's editing, as he mentioned in his second post. The points on the post are also reduced to one by the editors.

    As mentioned by Jeets above the editor reserves the right to edit, alter or reject any posts without showing any reason. They have to work within the framework of objectives of the organization they work for. All the private organizations have their own set of terms and conditions and we will have to follow those for remaining associated with them

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