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    If yesterday was very challenging and today not so good, then what about tomorrow?

    For some life is always evergreen and they are bestowed with all pleasures at all times and never seen a setback at all. And for some they have seen mixed fortunes either at the beginning of the life or at the fag end. But what many people who have seen yesterday as very challenging, and today no so good and situation about tomorrow cannot be predicted. Not that they are incapable of meeting the situation and overcoming the same but why the fate is so cruel by not giving even lead time to adjust the life accordingly? Will there be their day in future at all ?
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    The author seems to be not so positive while giving a heading to this thread. I would like to change it to"If yesterday was very challenging, today not so good, tomorrow is going to be very good". Undoubtedly, for some unfortunate beings life would have been so challenging that they see no hope for the future and live in fear. However, some bold persons take life itself as a battlefield while struggling hard to overcome the miseries bestowed upon them with a positive attitude and become successful finally. Time does not remain stagnant and moves on constantly. Sometimes it goes down and sometimes it goes up. When one realizes the realities of life, he or she will never have any fear about the future.

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    Niharika , in my heading there was a little ray of hope cast for today and need be noted
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If I go by the sequence tomorrow will be "very good". However, life is like this, it has ups and downs. Someday you may feel happy and someday sad. Life is the same for everyone, yes someone may have a good position and have all pleasure but we can't say that they don't have a bad day. No matter how rich or poor a person is, he has to struggle and face all the difficulties of life. Yes, challenges would be different but it is not that rich, businessmen, or celebrities do not face challenges. Even if we are in a difficult phase of life, we should not lose hope. If today is not a good day, does not mean tomorrow we can't have success.

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    Life is always a combination of happiness and worries. Today we may be worried about something but tomorrow we may be happy. The conditions and the atmosphere will be changing. We should get adjusted to the changes and see that we will be moving forward. Another advantage a human being is having is forgetfulness. We may forget the unwanted incidents of yesterday. We may forget yesterday's setbacks and go for other activities with more enthusiasm and hope. So we can't say that every day will be challenging or every day will be a cakewalk.
    We are all human beings and we may have to face many challenges in our life. So we should not take a back step when the situation is challenging. We should face them and we should be optimistic. If we think that every day will be a bad or a good day, we are wrong. We should understand the situation and proceed as per the demand that the situation asks for.

    always confident

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    We should always aim for the best and think high as a positive attitude will make us confident about the future. If you keep on aspiring for something high and set up a goal that might not be possible in the present but one day it will happen. However, only thinking is not enough to get what you are aspiring for you should also work hard to achieve this. Someday, you might become what you were dreaming of.

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