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    Need to know about payment mode.

    I need to learn about applying for payment mode on every articles written and posted by me. And method of applying for Google Adsense.
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    Welcome Hemangana to this educational site as a new member and firstly go through the help topics to which links have been given at the bottom of this page and be satisfied to the working rules of this happening site. This site does not accept any articles written by you previously and published elsewhere in the past. Even you cannot submit your resources from your own blogs. So the underlying point is very clear that everytime you write a article, that should be prepared exclusively for this site and there is no spam allowed across the sections. And coming to Adsense, you have to get qualified for the same and everything is made known to you through our posting guidelines and rules. So do not hurry on earning spree, first get into the groove, be the regular contributor and then think of earning and making money.
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    Please go through the help topics on this site and you would find a lot of information about the query you have made in this post. There are some rules and regulations on this site that members have to adhere to and contribute accordingly. It will take some time to understand the various mechanisms on this site but I can tell you certain things in brief.
    First of all, go through the contributions in various sections here and observe their qualities as well as the points awarded to them. From that, you would get a feel of things. Then select the areas where you are going to contribute. Please note that whenever you make a contribution and submit it then it is subject to moderation and critical check from the editors of this site and no copying and pasting is allowed here. Whatever information you want to share should be in your own language and style.
    Please do not get discouraged if in the beginning some of your contributions get rejected or kept pending for review and editing by you. It is a common thing in the beginning and should not be taken as a demotivating factor in our journey in this portal. You will also get some points and/or cash credits (cc) for your contributions as per their quality once they get approved and published. These points/cc will get accumulated in your account and once they reach the minimum threshold then you would be informed in a common post by the editors about your earnings which you can claim by raising an invoice. It takes a few months time, in the beginning, to get a payment from this site as there would not be any payment till it accumulates to a pre-specified value. Once you regularly contribute you can even get a monthly payment from the site.
    Please make a note that there are many contests being held every month on this site and it is really very important to participate in them to make effort for getting awards. Many members participate in them regularly. One of the things that I liked about this site is that there is tremendous potential for learning here and you would get feedback from the members as well as the editors. The site believes in - Learn to Earn, Earn to Learn!
    I wish you a fruitful creative journey in this educational portal.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome you to this education site. I request you to go through the following links that will give you some idea about the site including the payment methods for this site.
    1. Help Topics
    2. Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines
    3. A comprehensive guide for new members.
    4. India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines
    5. How to receive payments?

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