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    Should parents avoid taking leave of children from school to attend weddings of family members?

    Many people live far away from their homes for jobs, etc. The parents of school-going children often face the dilemma of taking children's leave from school to visit their native places to attend weddings in the family. Usually, a break of weeks together is required to travel and participate in all the wedding ceremony functions. Moreover, proper rest is not possible on such occasions, often leading to children getting sick.

    The best option is to choose the wedding dates in such a manner that it causes the least inconveniences to the family members, but it is not always possible. I am not in favor of letting the children skip their classes or tests/examinations to attend family weddings.

    What are your opinion and comments in this regard? Should parents avoid taking leave of children from school to attend weddings of family members?
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    There are occasions when parents have to go to attend functions outside their city to other places for a few days say 2-3 days. This is not a big issue because 2-3 days loss of study is not a big deal for the children. In those families where other people are there to take care of the children, parents need not to take them but problem comes in nuclear families where they cannot leave the children alone. It is imperative that when parents take the children with them they should make the outing for the minimum period possible. Another important thing is that how many such occasions are there in a year. If the number is large then definitely the studies of the children will get affected to that extent. Children can be taken out during the summer or other school vacation. It is not necessary to take them everytime the parents make a visit like that.
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    If the function is meant for close relatives, there is no question of taking children by opting leave to schools. That too if we stay there for two days. Normally many people attended either marriage function or reception, so the taking leave from schools is not a problem if attended only for reception. If the parents feel the children's presence is not that much important, they can send the children to school and after that they can attend the function. Some relatives I have seen they themselves avoid functions by keeping in mind about the schools of children.

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    As a family member, it is essential for people to attend functions in the family. At the same, it is their responsibility to see that the education and learning process of their children will not suffer much. A balancing act is always required. This dilemma I faced many times. I used to send my wife early for family functions and I and my children used to stay back. We used to go attend the function by taking leave for 2 or 3 days. If the function is in some relative's family. either I or my wife used to attend and we used to see that our children's education will not suffer.
    Once I faced a very tricky situation. One of my close relatives expired. I and my wife should attend definitely. My children were in middle school. At that time they were having examinations. Finally, I requested one of my close friends to take care of them for 2 days and we both went there and came back.

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    Absenting from school is not a good idea even for primary school students because regular attendance teaches discipline at a very young age. Further, if attending a wedding is very important at least one family member can stay back and send their children to school. Nowadays, even if a student does not attend classes even for a few days, he misses plenty of lessons and I have seen poor mothers going to school and borrowing notes from other students. Of course, these days some mothers have formed their Whatsapp groups and discuss regularly the happenings in the classrooms.

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    I do not agree with the author that weddings or other functions be arranged in such a manner when the friends and relatives are expected with children and the date should be more convenient. The Muhurat or the good time for the occasion is being decided as per the stars of the bride and groom and there cannot be others interference. Only last month there was a thread ceremony among the close relatives and they expected our presence. But the day of function was Thursday and we have to leave Hyderabad to be there on Wednesday pre rituals. And after the function we should leave on Friday and come back to Hyderabad on Saturday. So whole week and all days are working day and none can compromise on so many leaves and even the school going children cannot afford for one week leave and therefore we skipped the very function.
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