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    Why are poker-faced people not liked by people in general?

    I am a poker-faced individual. I unintentionally hide my true feelings and always wear an impassive expression. Even for photographs, I find it difficult to show a million-watt smile, as it is called figuratively. My family members, close relatives, and friends who know me well have adjusted to my ways and means. They have accepted that I am like that only and never attempt to change me.

    It is not that I don't like smiles or wish to smile myself, but it doesn't happen naturally. However, without going into the details of my situation, let us discuss why people generally do not like poker-faced people.

    What are your observations and comments in this regard? Are you known as a wonderful person who always wears a smile on your face?
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    You may not believe, but I am frank. During my teenage, I liked pimples on my face. While most of my classmates and peers worried about pimples and tried many remedies for that I always enjoyed having pimples. In fact many times I used to have blood on my face due my handiwork on the pimples. Many warned me about possible scars later. But that did not deter me.

    It was much later when I had suffered c.pox that I was really worried about the scars on my face. But luckily most of them disappeared by applying olive oil and other medicated skin oil regularly for some period. But I do not claim that my face is unblemished and good looking. It has some black dots and scars, now and then mosquito bite boils etc. However I do not apply any face make ups other than just the normal talcum powder afterbath. I also do not bother about my looks and feel myself as normal as every one.

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    A poker face means an expressionless face that does not reveal a person's thoughts. This term originated from the card game poker. Since the players bet money, they keep their faces expressionless to not disclose their cards' status.
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    On seeing your photo shared on this site, it seems you are not only serious but the expression creates the impression that you are not even ready to be photographed. Yes sometimes we feel we are hopeless and not photogenic to appear in photos, but a photographer knows the trick to get best out of a person and he would click candid photos when we are busy with activities and that would be seen as good. If we are asked to pose, we may not get the timely expression that was needed and invariably end in keep the poker-face and that get registered as the prize catch by the camera. Nevermind. there is no award or reward being announced to look handsome and good. We cannot change our looks and expressions are always be varying and therefore much credence should not be given otherwise we may get much worried.
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    Yes, it is difficult to have some expression on the face sometimes especially the photographers appear to have some photos on some occasions. They might request you to laugh or look pleasant during the photo sessions but nothing like that happens despite such requests. It might be due to some impressions that our face is not photogenic enough to create any positive impact on viewers. Such photographs might be boring to our close relatives but anyway they are accustomed to our styles and they don't have any emotions for our expressionless face. It might be due to their compromise with a such a posture of mine.

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    I don't think the author is referring to one's expression while posing for photographs only. The thread is generally about persons who don't express their emotions vividly. It is very difficult to read such a person's mind and the person interacting with him might feel confused as to how he should proceed. Communicating with such people is not easy and one has to be careful because there can be a variation from the meaning of the expression on his face when he actually speaks out. So, I think such people who are known to us are always dealt with some caution on our part.

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    I can't hide my feelings. The other party can understand my feelings very well. While doing my PG, my friends used to say that they can read my feelings well. Oneday, to pass time, we were playing cards. I got very nice cards and I am very happy. The other person noticed my feeling and asked me whether I got a joker in my cards. I really got a joker at that time in my cards. My wife says that I can't hide my anger also and other people will easily understand that I am angry. Probably I have to learn from somebody like Kailash Kumar how to hide my feelings and not show them on my face.
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