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    Do you like reading pocketbooks? How are they different from regular books?

    I remember that in the past, there used to be many publishers famous for their pocketbooks. These pocketbooks were available in all four literary genres, but detective fiction was perhaps the most popular. I have stopped reading pocketbooks now and, therefore not fully aware of the current status of the popularity of pocketbooks.

    I presume that the name pocketbook originated because of their smaller size that can fit in a pocket? But I don't think all pocketbooks can fit in a pocket of regular clothes.

    What are your memories of reading pocketbooks? How are they different from regular books? Do you remember the names of a few pocketbooks that were your all-time favorite?
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    Yes, I was the ardent lover of Hind Pocket Book in my student days when a lot of novels published in Hindi were available those days and Hind Pocket Books were known for their good collections written by eminent writers including Rabindra Nath Tagore, Premchand, Ismut Chugtai, Mahadevi Verma and so on. Those were the days when the readers were available in the plenty having their appetite for going through the entire novels at a stretch. They were not satisfied even from their regular studies and need fresh volumes always.
    With the time, readers have dropped with the change in the attitudes of the readers in the different pursuits. Even the writers in Hindi Writings have significantly dropped.

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    Though I am not a avid reader of books, but what I could find from others that those who travel a lot and does not have the companion to talk, they take the help of books and I have seen small pocket books are preferred and they would be a novel type of story and the reading would be done in one go and the engrossing would be such interesting that the person would stay put starring to the books and would not mind what is happening in the train or the bus. Good that they are not wasting time, and reading book means enhancing the knowledge and wisdom and in other way they are also bringing sleeping for sure because many have the habit of sleeping nicely after reading the books and they would not get disturbed. So pocketbooks are mainly sold on the platforms of big stations and in Secunderabad station also we find good collections.
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    I used to read them long back. I used to purchase small pocketbooks and read them. I have a collection of such books. Especially pocketbooks on various subjects in Telugu I used to read. Even though they are called pocketbooks, some of them are very thick and carrying them in the pocket is not possible. But we can easily carry them and definitely, they are very small when compared to the size of normal books.
    During my intermediate study, many students used to bring these pocket-size detective books and keep them inside a class textbook and read them. Especially, such instances were more in Telugu and English classes. I used to read detective books during the summer holidays by hiring them from a private library in our village.
    These days nobody is reading physical books. We have Laptops, tablets, digital books etc. We can read them on them. So I think the circulation of these books has comedown nowadays.

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    Many publishers around the world started publishing pocket books seeing their utility in the lives of people who were fond of reading books and wanted to take the particular book in their pockets. It is interesting to note that some of these pocket books became instant hit and were so popular that some companies started to offer them on a special discount by asking the readers to become a monthly member for the scheme. These pocket books were small in sizes and were limited to 100-150 pages only.
    I remember when Hind Pocket Books started that monthly subscription scheme it was so lucrative that I immediately subscribed for that and within 2-3 years I had a good inventory of those pocket books which were quite cheap and we could read them whenever we got time or read them even on the go.
    With the advent of digital books and internet the sale of physical books dropped sharply and the pocket books also lost their erstwhile charm.

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