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    Regarding adsense revenue

    Vandana Ma'am,
    My AdSense account has approved six months ago. But it always shows a payment threshold of $0. Mohan sir told that it seems technical problem. So, please check it once.
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    I have also got my Adsense account recently. In my account, the threshold amount is shown as$n100.00. That means you will get monthly payments if your earnings in your account are a minimum of $100.00. Till your total reaches that amount you will not get any payment. So I feel the payment threshold can't be 0. Please get it verified.
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    Dr Sanchita,

    I cannot check your AdSense account. That is separate and private from ISC and can be accessed only by you. As Dr Rao stated, the minimum payment threshold should show as $100.

    I suggest you do the following-
    1. Log in to your AdSense account.
    2. On the left side you will see 'Payment'. Click on that.
    3. Now scroll down and go to 'Settings'. Click on 'Manage Settings'.
    4. You can now see 'Payment schedule'. You cannot change the schedule as indicated by the 'i' in the circle, but next to that you will see the edit pencil symbol. Click on that.
    5. You will now see 'Edit the fields below to adjust your payment threshold or schedule'. Here let me know- is the amount showing as $0? It should show as $100 (publishers can put a higher amount too, but you should ideally keep it as $100 only). So see if you are able to enter $100 there.

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    My AdSense account is shown as:-

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    Sanchita, please do not share screenshots of your AdSense pages. Just provide the details as asked for by Vandana ma'am.
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    Following your instruction, I checked my Adsense page and found that just below of 'Edit the fields below to adjust your payment threshold or schedule' showing $100.

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    Dr Sanchita,
    That means there is no issue with the payment threshold. So where exactly are you seeing the $0? Is it in earnings?

    Also, have you entered the PIN that Google sent you when your AdSense account was approved? Let me know. We'll deal with this one aspect at a time.

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    Vandana ma'am,
    My earnings are shown as:-
    Jul 1-16,2022 $0.00
    Jun1-30, 2022 $0.00
    May1- 31, 2022 $0.00
    Now suggest to me what to do next? Can I share a screenshot image of my adsense page here?

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    Dr Sanchita,

    So it appears there are no technical issues, and none related to the payment threshold. It is just that you are not getting any earnings from the content you are contributing. This indicates that you should submit better content that would fetch traffic and subsequently earnings.

    I suggest that you start contributing to schools and college sections right away. Use the search box first (both the main one and the one in the respective sections) and if the institute is not in the section, then submit it. Secondly, try to write articles on admissions to premier universities and colleges and provide good-length content. Articles related to careers can also fetch earnings, such as 'Career opportunities after XYZ course' or 'Career opportunities after graduating in XYZ' or 'What to do after XYZ course' or 'Top colleges for (xyz course) in (city) or (state)'. Basically, you need to expand the range of topics that you write on. You can even refer to our AE section to get an idea of what type of information students are looking for to study further and what professionals are looking for to enhance their careers. As a reference, you can check the articles submitted by Soundharya. They are very informative and get reasonably good page views.

    You can also use your StatCounter account to track which ISC pages are fetching traffic for you. It gives a general idea of the topics to write on.

    If you wish to share any screenshots of your AdSense pages, you could send them to my gmail of iscmanagingeditor. I will check it out and give you input, and we can continue our communications directly on this issue.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I will also like to share some points about the Google Adsense. First of all is that today the revenue sharing is very low and until a person is having a good traffic to the pages where he has contributed, there are little chances of earnings. It is imperative that one has to contribute in various sections and keep improving. The members who are contributing in big way are also able to make out only 0.15 to 0.45 $/day on an average. But all days will not be so any many times we would find $0 as earnings. Some members might be earning higher amounts but let us talk of those who are just at the beginning of receiving their Adsense amount as reflected in their earning status in the Adsense site. That means a person is able to make about approximately $ 5-6 in a month and he may get his first payment after say about 1-1/2 year once he or she reaches a threshold of $100.
    Over and above that one should not accidently click on any advertisement on one's own page as Google takes it very seriously and debars the person for making any earning for a penalty period which could be anything from 1 month to more than that. So we have to be very careful when we are dealing with Google Adsense.

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