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    Whether the book reading habits are decreasing

    Book reading is according to me is coming to down level in many of us as of the habit of using mobiles and computers. But I have read in one Tamil newspaper, though it is just a small bit news, but having a great value in that. It said: when we read a story or an information in a book, as 'there is a deep den where green trees are abundant and a king drove his horse slowly......' our mind will imagine the place with den and horse etc., But this will not be possible when we see a television or anything. So, book reading is greater than anything.
    When we go to the library especially owned by the State Governments, we can see many varieties of books in many subjects and languages.
    The parents should encourage the children to read books and the habit of book reading should be encouraged by teachers also.
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    Since much of the reading is done through the cell phones and online through the desk top computers, people may not be interested to have the hard book copy and keep reading. For example whenever I go to a public library, I would certainly refer the Britannica or the World book volumes but studying the same would take many days. But randomly I go through the books and take note of things. And for the students reading books must be the regular habit. Reading and writing should go hand in hand to understand the things and therefore we cannot forgo reading. However there has been considerable decrease in reading because, those who are habituated to daily news papers reading are not going to the books as even some good books reviews are written in the papers and thus they are shying away from the same.
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    The book-reading habit is coming down. In my opinion reading habit is coming down. In the olden days, there is no other way of learning and getting information except by reading some books. But later on, digital books, computers, laptops, and other digital devices made us read on these devices more than on books. But now people are getting accustomed more to seeing videos and hearing voice messages than reading. So there is a decrease in this habit.

    I am finding it ver convenient to read hard copies more than digital copies. The reason is that referring back is very difficult. For example when we are reading if we have to go back to the 50th page, in a hard copy we can easily shift. But in digital copies, it is very difficult. Sometimes the script will be in very small size and when we zoom it the complete page will not be on the screen. We may have to move left and right and top and bottom. This is not a very convenient way. In a physical copy, this problem will not be there.

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    Book reading was a great hobby and pass time but due to advent of TV, mobile, computer etc it went to the backstage. When a person read a book he was deeply involved in that and there is a slow pace in reading as compared to viewing it was natural that absorption and attention was much more than what is today while watching a movie or reading a book online. As a matter of fact very few people are reading books online because all of their time is being spent in other indulgences like social media and watching a variety of short videos which are basically made for fun purposes. I was a bookworm once upon a time but today I have not opened a book for quite long as I am not getting time for it as well as the inclination itself has died away. I am sure most of us might be feeling the same way. The technological advancements have finished the thrill of reading a book.
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    Yes, if we go by the current situation, the book reading habit has decreased. However, we cannot do anything about it. Having entertainment and getting information are no more dependent on books. Now everything is available in our hands, you just need to ask and the information will be available. This was not then when telecommunications technology was used to have only landlines. Even to get a landline phone, one needs to wait for years. Then came TV, initially, TV was also available for a limited time. Then we had enough time with us and to pass our time, kids use to read comic books, and the elder used to read novels or monthly magazines. I remember how I used to wait for the monthly magazine "Champak" and when I became a teen, I used to wait for "Saras Salil" monthly magazine. Those were the time when we use to not only have new information from this book but had full of entertainment too. Now, the time has changed, the involvement of technology will only increase in our life, and book reading habits will reduce more and more.

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    People who like to read books, I mean those who actually enjoy reading books will never choose the online option specilay watching videos. Some time that is ok to watch videos online or use another technical device to read or watch the information from books but you can not be more comfortable with such instruments for a long time. At the end of the day, its all depend on the choice and comfort zone, and also a very important point is time availability, all these factors decode what one person will choose.

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