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    Natural disasters like floods and cyclones

    Why do natural disasters like floods and cyclones become frequent in India in the last couple of years?
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    There are two reasons for this as per the explanation given by some scientists on this matter.
    1. The temperature of the surface of the seawater is witnessing an increase. As per some of the scientific reports published, temperature changes in the surface waters of the Arabian sea is reaching up to 1.2°C–1.4? over the past 20 years. This is higher than global ocean surface warming which is 0.8°C–0.9. This means more heat energy is available in the waters of the sea for the cyclones to draw. When the temperatures are high more humidity above the seawater means more moisture is also available for cyclones in this sea. The Indian ocean is seeing a high-temperature rise than any other ocean.
    2, The second reason is an increase in Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential. This is measured vertically from the surface of the water in an ocean up to 26 degrees isotherm. There is a substantial increase in this also. This is helping for frequent cyclones etc in India.

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    Jagadish, I would again remind you that if you want to ask straight questions then you ask them in the 'Ask Experts' section in this site. In this section that is the forum section you have to make a write up about the topic in say about at least 70-100 words. It is not a very strict range but this is what most of the members follow here. Some members even write posts going to 150-200 words. That would help you in improving your creative writings and you will also earn more points for that. Your post might be selected as a winning post if you follow that methodology. Another important thing is that if a post is designed in a correct and impressive way then it would attract more number of responses and the traffic to that page will also increase and the advertising revenue earned by that page would also increase which would benefit you in a long run when you continue in this site and apply for Google Adsense advertising revenue sharing scheme. I hope that you would take advantage of the policies of this site and become a successful member here.
    Dr Rao has already answered your query and I will only limit myself in adding that we have not cared for our environment and the industrial growth has done much harm to it through discharging pollutants and other chemicals in the surroundings and that has made a deep impact on the climate which is now causing many problems.

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    This is very difficult to answer because as we say it is a natural disaster and we cannot control nature. However, I can only say that whenever the balance of the earth's atmosphere becomes uneven due to our negligence, natural disasters happen to control the balance in nature. Due to pollution, lots of factories, cutting trees, these all factors matter. Yes, it looks like small things but it is good enough to create unbalance. We had experienced this during lockdown that how the sky become so clean that the Himalayan Mountains were visible from the far state of Punjab. The river water become so clean and we had some fresh air to breathe. These all happened when we were locked inside our house. So, bringing natural calamity, we are also one of the reasons.

    On a lighter note, thanks that you did not say that it is happening because of our PM Modi. Had it would not be a natural calamity, some people would not think twice to blame him for this too.

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