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    Should threads on unique topics posted first time in the forum section be given special treatment?

    On July 1, only we celebrated the 14th birthday of ISC. Many threads have been posted in the forum section during such a long journey. However, often the topics get repeated. The Editors often remind people to use the 'search' feature of the ISC to ascertain that the topic is not getting repeated very frequently. Also, sometimes though the topics are not repeated, another author raises a new thread on a very similar topic.

    Still, there are occasions when a new thread on a unique topic is raised for the first time, which was never raised earlier. Should such uncommon threads be treated in a particular manner? What are your opinion and comments in this regard? Should threads on unique topics posted first time in the forum section be given special treatment?
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    Finding unique content is very difficult because somewhere on different websites the same content would have already been raised. Now, the first thinking comes as to how do we get unique content? We can get new content only if we post about our everyday experiences. Again, that is not guaranteed that somewhere it would not have been posted. However, it has a high chance to have a uniqueness in the write-up.
    Coming to the topic, new and unique threads always have special treatment as far as I have seen in the ISC and you too might have noticed this in some of your past threads. The recent one you can see a forum thread of Dhruba which is new in content got CC Post retirements
    So, even if we do not get special treatment, this is our responsibility to keep posting new and interesting content and keep our forum alive.

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    Good suggestion from the author. But this forum is highly moderated by the editors and there will not be selective treatment to threads based on their uniqueness. Though the lead editor is doing the great job of preventing the duplicate entries in the guise of new threads, I always found that when the managing editor comes on line, she would certainly identify the uniqueness of the thread and even pin it or give an emoticon effect. There are good threads being raised by the members and in the absence of no single response those threads goes to back pages and finally buried for no response and even deleted. So what I suggest that every thread be responded by editors either supporting or against the thread to keep the post alive and that would also give the impetus to other members to respond and the member who raised the thread would also feel happy.
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    I think such threads will be getting rewarded, one way or other, r based on the quality of the submission. If the thread is on an important unique topic and the same is presented well. The points may get enhanced or some CC may be given. There is a chance to get the TOW award or special award. But it is not mandatory. It all depends on the number of threads that are getting posted and their quality. At the same time, if we raise threads on the topics which are discussed many a time, they may get deleted or locked as per the decision of the editor.
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    Generally the content will be old only or a slight variation but what matter is the presentation and its contemporary link. A totally new idea is rare but we find that also a few times. Another important point is how the responses start coming out for that post. If a good number of responses come then it is a good sign but the most important thing is how much traffic that post or the discussion is able to attract. If it attracts a high traffic then it is a parameter which goes in its favour. A thread can be considered unique based on so many factors and not just that it is a new idea put up in a simple English language.
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    The author is right that there is no guarantee that the same post has not been repeated elsewhere and in that sense, uniqueness is lost. Now the question is how we can make our postings appealing despite its occurrence very frequently somewhere or the other. There is always the possibility of presenting the same with some uniqueness in our write ups though the old ones are repeated. Hence it would depend upon the abilities of the writers how talented he is provide the unique touch of the postings being dealt with. Writing abilities and experience in that direction would do wonders in presenting our write ups.

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