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    Goshala or the importance of cows rearing place

    Have you ever donated to the cause of Goshala or the cows rearing place? There are two types of Goshalas operating across the country. One is with milk bearing cows which are milked daily on an average of 4 liters per cow and the milk is sold on premium price to the devotees. And there are Goshalas totally dedicated for the barren cows not more fit to give milk. These are the places one must concentrate and give their donations in bigger way. Because dairy farm owners get rid of those cows which are a burden to them and give away the same to the Goshalas.
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    Taking care of cows is getting the attention of many people these days and people are coming forward to donate money for cows and their wellbeing. The cows are serving us in many ways. So it is our duty to save them and see that people will take care of them properly.
    My wife's sister's son is having his own Gosala. He has around 30 cows in the same shed and he takes care of those cows. Whatever he gets by selling the milk will be used for the maintenance of cows. My elder son donates monthly some amount for the same Gosala.
    Near our house, there is a Ranganadha Swamy temple and there is a Gosala attached to the temple. When the Gosala was started the temple collected donations and we have also donated for the maintenance of that Gosala. This Gosala is having some barren cows also.

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    Cow is a great animal in our culture and we give it much respect and honour. Healthy cow gives us milk and that is the source of energy and nutrition to all of us and we pay the price of the milk to the cow owner who takes care of the cow. So there is no problem for the shelter and food for a healthy milk giving cow. The problem comes for the cows which are out of their milk giving phase or disabled otherwise. As we have to protect them from being slaughtered, the concept of Goshala came in existence. These are running from the donations and charity and like minded people are giving donations to these Goshalas. We should, if we can afford, think in this direction and contribute for this great cause of protecting this sacred entity.
    It is not that I am telling it from religious mind set but the fact is that otherwise also this is a noble cause because we are helping a weak and disabled animal.

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