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    Should there be only two terms for the Prime Minister of India, as in the case of the US President?

    India and the US are the two largest democracies in the world. The Prime Minister is the head of the government in India, and President is the head of the state. However, in the US, the President is the head of the state as well as the head of the government.

    The President of the US can be elected for two tenures of four years each. However, the Prime Minister can be elected as many times as possible in India. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, continued for more than sixteen years. Similarly, Indira Gandhi continued for 11 years as the Prime Minister of India.

    Should there be a maximum of two terms for the Prime Minister of India, as in the case of the US President? What are your opinions and comments in this regard?
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    If the candidate is capable there will be no harm in his continuation as Prime Minister for more than two terms. If the same party is coming to power in a row for more than two terms, there is a chance the same candidate may be elected for the third term also. Again that depends on the members of the party that are got elected. If the same candidate is continued, the works which are in half may get completed and no problems in completing that project without any changes.
    Anyhow, it may have bad effects sometimes, if the candidate is not worth and getting the post because of other reasons. the country will be in a problem. So we should decide based on the candidate but there should not be a general rule as it may cause some negatives for the development.

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    For that matter even in BJP there is no hard and fast rule for a person to continue as the PM for long time and as Modiji already into the second term, the detractors are bringing in this question as to he should not become the third time Prime Minister. We cannot compare US with India in this matter. When there is no strong candidate to compensate and take forward the country to progress, the voters need to elect BJP and select PM Modi again and that would a world record also. In US the republican and the Congress has almost equal support across the country and whereas in India there would be a wave in favor of a party and that would give them the formidable seats to claim to form the govt. If Modi cannot be eligible to be the PM for next time, I am sure BJP would not get the votes and probably some miracles could happen.
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    This is an interesting point raised by the author. Putting a limit to the PM tenure makes some sense so that in case a wrong person is selected then he should not be given more chances. But an opposite situation can also occur. What happens when a very good person is selected and takes control but he is removed because the rule is there only for selection for two terms. Every rule has got its own pros and cons and we have to analyse the things in accordance with that. Some people will say that it should be two tenures while others will say that there should not be any restriction.
    In my view one person should get only one chance that is only one tenure so that he does his best and do not waste time for winning in the next election. Whether his party wins or loses he should not be given a second chance. We have so many talented persons in our country why should we give such a chance to only one person?

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    Even if we consider the USA, two-time Presidentship is not a rule, it is only a convention. There have been two notable exceptions to this convention, George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt.

    In India, a similar convention is being followed in case of the position of President. Presidents are not generally re-nominated (except the first President, Rajendra Prasad-ji).

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    George Washington was the US President for two terms only (1789–1797).
    However, Franklin Roosevelt was the only President who served for more than two terms. He won the third term in 1940 and the fourth in 1944 but died less than three months into his fourth term.

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