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    Why the trickle down theory does not work at all

    Those who praise the great leader of India and claim that he has done wonders for the nation, should ask themselves very uncomfortable questions: how and what grounds were the likes of the Ambanis, the Essar, and the Adani groups given concessions to the tune of several hundreds of thousands of crores each, cumulatively accounting for as high as 1,41,000 crores?
    The great leader will justify such Government moves as ones that create wealth.

    It never does. For, the trickle-down theory only helps to keep on multiplying the lower middle classes. Take, for example, the thousands of small hotels that line up on the routes to the Char Dhams. These provide some self-employment to the youth, but for just five months. One is told that after that, there is no employment.

    The alternate avenues for employment have never been thought of. Instead, the youth are continuously brainwashed to subscribe to the Hindutva ideology. Is this real development?

    For the millions of people who work on the construction sites all over the country, there is no PF, there is no Gratuity and there no pension scheme as well. The only survival benefit comes in the form of some good rations, like in Tamil Nadu. There is no uniformity here as well.

    We need direct benefit transfer mechanisms. Talking about toilets constructed does not help at all.
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    Why the author always start a thread with a dig at the PM and then even goes to the demeaning of Hindutva ideology which does not have any connection to his heading and the content thereof and he always has the grudge on Ambani and Adani and these Industrialists always benefited through the UPA regime and that continuous because they are the big groups and developing the state of Gujarat and thus have the upperhand. Now coming to the local issues of Chardham youth not having work after the tourism season is over, who is stopping them not to do any business on own and the govt cannot assure job for all. Now they have the chance of joining the Indian army under the Agneepath scheme and probably this is designed to cater to the needs of such youth who want short term jobs and then settle with the money they get.
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    I think the author brought many points together and hence the post is not very clear. One thing I understood from the post is that whatever the present Prime Minister is doing is of no use to the country. But what we can do except wait for the next elections and see that he will be out of power.
    I always feel that having a job is always better than not having PF. If there is no job today, there is no food today. So there is no question of tomorrow. So some way of income today is better than not having anything even today.

    always confident

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    The author appears biased. I agree that every one can have their own observation and inference and form an opinion and even have some political bias. But it is not fair to ignore the many positive things done by the present govt at centre.
    Unlike the previous governments and ruling parties, the present central government gives importance and focus on infrastructure development which are mostly long term projects. Hence the results and fruits of these will not be appearing now and may take some time to yield full results. After the nineties, our economy in general is aligned to the world economy. So any change in the economic or politics in any other major country can immediately affect our country too. As we are still a developing economy, we may not have the strength to resist or cushion those impacts immediately. Hence our present government puts efforts in strengthening our economy to an extent where it can withstand the negative impacts coming from outside and grow the economy with the inner ,inside strengths. For this to happen we may have to face some difficulties and undergo some sacrifices initially. Precisely we are undergoing that period.
    It is only because of the positive and timely efforts and vision by this government that our country could sail through the most difficult Covid situation and emerge without much damage in comparison to many other countries who are said to be developed. This we achieved in spite of various handicaps in our country, unlike other countries who have homogeneity in language, religion, topography, population, etc..

    Now India's position and voice is heard and recognized by other countries and our stand in various international matters is understood and accepted. Now our government has clearly made other powerful nations that our interest is first priority and we will do whatever is needed to safeguard our interests irrespective of other nations stand or friendship.

    For pension for unorganized sector, NPS is available where there was nothing earlier. There are many other welfare schemes for the vulnerable sections.

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    I feel those who are frustrated seeing this government have plenty of time in next year when election will come. Vote against them and have better government! Today, if we see the entire world look at us, India has made it's own image in last fea years. It is because of good foreign policies. Recently, India had got S400 air defence system which once was not possible because of US, now because of India US has changed his policy.
    Unfortunetly, we are not seeing the positive espects, some section of people just need to curse even if it is for good. There is nothing wrong in Hindutva, Hindutva is not teaching to go and kill someone. I would like to ask authour that please talk about other religion as well that happened recently. But I know people have no guts to talk about other religion and reason is well known to everyone.

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    I have read the Forum post. My response would be simple and brief:

    (a) According to the erudite member, no economic theory, trickle-down theory, build-up theory, anything would work in the present regime.
    (b) Corollary: Every economic theory will work wonder once the regime is changed.
    (c) Unfortunately, common people of India don't agree with the learned author.

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    The author has put up all the negative things and other low points of the present regime in this post but he has not pondered about the condition of the country before 2014. We have to see things in comparison. We cannot ask this regime to suddenly make India a utopian state. It is not possible. They are trying to make some developments in the overall interest and people of this country have realised that. If we expect that they should provide employment to everyone and unemployment allowance to those who do not get an employment then it is not going to be an easy task. What the earlier Govt done in this direction? If we think in an anti establishment style then every thing will look wrong. Why to blame only the top leadership? What the people below the line doing? Why are they not implementing the good policies effectively at the ground level? It means fault lies with us also but we do not want to accept that. Easiest thing is to blame the leadership and sleep happily.
    Knowledge is power.

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    And our Saji Ganesh has time to ridicule my thread on the Rudraksha and choose to be indifferent to this thread. There has been continued demeaning of the PM and this NDA regime in every thread and ISC admin seems to be happy and let go this thread without any deletion or asking member to refrain from doing so. I am also asking Managing Editor Vandana who is more supportive to editors work and their dedication towards the site, why she also choose to ignore such threads which are most castigating than expressing the authors view. If this post would have appeared on the social media the author would have been taken to task for demeaning the PM and the regime. Let good sense prevail.
    K Mohan
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    It is simple. Because the government of choice of the author is not in power at present. I am unable to understand how the tax concession to Ambanis, the Essar, and the Adani groups affected the employment of hotels at Char Dhams, that's also told by someone if we go through the version of the author. The complete post never mentioned anything concrete but some fragments/policies that the author didn't like. Everybody will not like everything right? The government will be elected by the people of this country and will not be chosen by individuals or groups. I respect the choice of everyone but that cannot be generalised in such a way as if it is the choice of everyone.

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    Mohan, #761798, you sound inimical which is not warranted. My response to your thread on Rudrakshas was not ridiculing but a fact. And, there was no need to pull me in here when I am not in the picture. I am finding it difficult to be as illogical as you are and so am unable to connect this thread with your rudraksha thread. So be it.

    To all those who have been critical of this thread, well knowing the opposition of the author to the present regime, please understand what the theory of trickling down means and read the thread properly without any inhibitions. You will be able to find the logic.

    No offenses meant but I think the author has got a point though he could have been more straight. Leaning to a side is fine but falling is different.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    My appreciation for the author for the brilliant thread although not going to work to create a negative picture of the present regime or of Hindutva anymore instead the opinions of the rest of the authors would disappoint him much.

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    Mr. Sivakumar never minces his words. He expresses his views in powerful terms which is uncomfortable for quite a few.

    The Trickle-down theory of economics states that the benefits and concessions given to the Corporates and other big business people will trickle down the ladder to the disadvantaged groups of the country. Does it really happen? In spite of the concessions given, it does not seem to be happening. The rich getting richer and the economic disparity in our country between the rich and poor is widening.

    The economic situation in the country is not satisfactory even before the covid pandemic. Unemployment is at unprecedented low levels in the past forty years. In such a situation, there is bound to be criticism of the performance of the government.

    The Char Dham example given is an apt one. People in those areas have employment for a limited period of the year. The successive governments did not do anything to help them. The government should try to provide continuous and secured employment as far as possible. Any criticism and suggestions need to be heard and corrective measures are to be taken.

    During the covid pandemic time, many people lost their livelihood. For many, their economic conditions deteriorated. A select few enhanced their wealth many times. How does this happen?

    The management of the covid situation is satisfactory only because of the intervention of the Apex Court from time to time. Our country is fortunate to be one of the largest manufacturers of vaccines for a long time.

    The author may seem biased to some. He is pointing out deficiencies of the government instead of singing praises. The Government should learn to listen to the people and formulate the laws. Very recently, the Chief Justice of India commented that laws are made without proper debates and causing a lot of litigations and inconvenience.

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    @KVRR, you mentioned,
    "Mr. Sivakumar never minces his words. He expresses his views in powerful terms which is uncomfortable for quite a few."

    But instead, your kind often tends to misinterpret and be misinformed of the facts and the logic, and the rationale of the topic. I do not know whether your kind of knowingly unaware of the things or intentionally put out with the threads but in both the scenarios the threads are proving more unworthy for any responses now.

    We would appreciate it if the author comes out with the facts on record on a comparative basis instead of escaping through what is happening since 2014.

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    And ISC just rejects our post for many reasons and the author always clubs many issues in the content and heading says something and the thread allowed to live. And thanks Ved, for asking the author to compare the 2014 regime with this government and that would be widely appreciated. Just criticising for the sake of demeaning a performing government the people who want to see this regime to go are in fact working hard to keep this government coming again to power because the more they analyse this government and we keep on comparing the same with previous regime and arrive at the conclusion this is better than any other government had before.
    K Mohan
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    The author 'who never minces words' has never dared to name the 'great leader' about whom he routinely post abuses with strong moral support from some powerful members.

    The erudite author's crux of the threads can be summarised as follow:-
    (a) The present Central Government is worthless.
    (b) The author is eagerly waiting for the return of 'Rajiv Gandhi' (why, the author only knows).
    (c) The present Tamil Nadu Government is great. The opposition in Tamil Nadu, especially the BJP president (whoever may be the position-holder), is exceptionally terrible.
    (d) The Central Government and BJP-ruled State Government aren't taking any welfare measure for the people. They must follow present Governments of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal.
    (e) The Central Government must print notes and send the money to the bank accounts of all under direct benefit transfer,.

    Finally, I must admit that I immensely enjoy the author's rhetoric and suggestions. I also enjoy noting the support he receives from some members. I no longer feel angry.

    Tumi asbe bolei akash meghla, Brishti ekhono hoyni;
    Tumi asbe bolei Krishnachurar fulgulo jhore jayni--Nachiketa
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    Krishnachura flowers haven't fallen, only because you will come.

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    Thanks Partha, that was the point by point answers to this thread and since in the absence of any formidable shotback to his threads, the author has been going overboard and with able support from editorial board.
    K Mohan
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    The author of the thread is asking why the trickle-down economy is not working at all? Is it due to the fact that those who are getting all the concessions and help are not sharing their benefits and the wealth created with the country?
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    @Partha, You wanted Rajiv Gandhi to return. (b)The author is eagerly waiting for the return of 'Rajiv Gandhi' ) But it shows how our mind is attached to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and I have seen in certain other time also earlier whenever people wanted to quote Rahul Gandhi will say as Rajiv Gandhi only.

    Now coming to the thread points, it is not shocking or surprising for me that the author has come out with his opinion on the present government as we are every day hearing in many social media or main stream media about the same in this region of the country. Also there are many memes in this direction what author said about it. I hope those who belong to this region very well know about it and members has to feel happy that being a portal for every one across the country he has put it in diplomatic way.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Mohan, we have registered your irritation and frustration in your recent thread. So there is no need to keep on repeating the same. I suggest you stop blurting out against editors. We follow certain guidelines and that will be so. As I had said earlier, editors go by the guidelines and we, as editors, do not have any bias. Please do not force me to open up about your threads that were deleted. You, as everyone here knows, are one of the senior-most members here and so we expect you to act and react accordingly.

    Apologies for going off-track. Members are requested to continue the discussion on the main topic.

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    Am really surprised that my thread has elicited so many responses. Mohan Sir and other Modi fans need to understand facts before talking about anything. We have had eight disastrous years of economic ruin. As KVRR Sir has pointed out, the great PM and his deputy, the Home Minister, who has successfully toppled so many state governments with massive black money given by the cronies of the Government, did not even react when millions walked thousands of kilometers after the disastrous demonetization. The special trains were arranged only after the Supreme Court directed the Government to do it and after the Indian National Congress offered to buy tickets for the migrants.

    Well, even today no one knows what happened to PM cares. So much for transparency from a PM who has not addressed a single press meet in eight odd years.

    Forget all that. The disastrous Finance Minister keeps on increasing the price of petrol and allied products. This has ruined the economy. The rich have positively become very rich and the poor have become so poor, with the middle class suffering the most. And ridiculous schemes like Agnipath are now being talked about as solutions.

    The followers have to answer this question: what were the big concessions given to the Adani group? For example, thousands of fertile acres of land were acquired when the BJP was in power, by the use of force from the Tribals in Jharkhand. There are at least five YouTube videos. This happened, Mohan Sir please note, after 2014. The great lady, who will become the President of India in a few days' time, was the then Governor. And she is a tribal.

    The loot of the Ambanis and the Adanis have been made possible, only because the Government has gone all out of the way to bend every law to their benefit. Yes, the UPA regime had its pitfalls, but even the World Bank has recorded that 40 million Indians were lifted above the poverty line, only because of the fabulous economic policies of the professional Prime Minister, Dr. ManMohan Singh, one of the best economists in the world. The trickle-down theory does not work at all. Only when State support is assured, in the fields of education, health, and transport, like in Tamil Nadu, can the poor survive and grow? The concessions and the State's help in this regard are their rights. It is not an expense. It is an investment.

    Mohan Sir and others, what is the record of economic management in each of the BJP states, gentlemen? Do you know that in the State of UP, public health and education are in shambles? One is not saying that Congress is all milk and honey.

    But as one member has wrongly pointed out, Hindutva is the most communal agenda of the worst communal party in the world. We have a duty to defeat it, lock, stock and barrel.

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    India is a democratic country we all know, everyone have their own view to point out. It will be always and forever that some section of the people will not satisfy with Governmenet no matter who comes in the centre. Better we should wait for the next General election which is not far. If this Government is so bad as per the author and some of the member think and expereinced so, I am sure next we will have different political party Governmnet in the centre.
    Because, the government is selected by the people of India and the majority people select it. Let's wait till then.

    However, I must admit that the oppositin party is keep losing faith from Indian people and those who support them are very less in percentage. If they have to win Indian people heart and come as a winner they have to do more than criticizing the Government. What I see is their main work is from morning to the evning cursing PM Modi. Don't they have any other issues? This is the main reason why BJP is becoming stronger. People are not fool anymore, nowadays everyone have the proper informations on their hand. If we really need to get a better Government next year as the author think, opposition has to work more harder and show some faith to the people of India. Only cursing the present Government not work any more.

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    Democracy is great, but it has a pitfall.
    In a democracy, elections are held.
    For winning an election, a lot of money is required for various purposes.
    Industrialists and business people provide this money, and as a return gift, they expect concessions and favor from the political party in power.
    Therefore irrespective of the hue of the political party, whether red or green or saffron, the same story is repeated each time.
    Another aspect of democracy is the freedom of speech. Therefore, people can criticize any political party.
    The author's interpretations are his own, and many other members have their views and opinions. Perhaps we cannot do much except pass time by indulging in such discussions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #761898: Unfortunately I don't have much knowledge about economics. Only I cleared a paper on economics in my management course applying 'rote' principle. But I do know a little bit about trickle-down effect. Our previous Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was a great proponent of this effect.

    I have personally noted the effectiveness of trickle-down effect in our daily life. I work in a Government office. When the DA increase of employees was kept in abeyance during the Corona pandemic in 2020 and first half of 2021, many small shops outside the Government buildings were almost closed. Now, the Government employees get regular DA hike in every six months, they spend more and the shops surrounding the Government offices are again doing booming business.

    So, I don't agree with the author that trickle-down effect is not working. It is working very well in present India.

    Tumi asbe bolei akash meghla, Brishti ekhono hoyni;
    Tumi asbe bolei Krishnachurar fulgulo jhore jayni--Nachiketa
    Sky is cloudy but the rain hasn't started, only because you will come;
    Krishnachura flowers haven't fallen, only because you will come.

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