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    Are security guards of all private security agencies adequately trained to work professionally?

    On Sunday, I had to visit the showroom of a reputed brand situated in a mall to fix certain issues with my laptop. I was stopped by the security guards of a private agency hired by the mall for security purposes. They asked me to pass through the X-Ray door. I told them I have a pacemaker implanted in my body and therefore cannot pass through the X-Ray door. They were surprised as they were unaware of the special needs of people with pacemakers implants. I suggested that they could frisk me for a security check.

    I felt disappointed by their behavior and offended in surrendering my body to untrained security guards for frisking. I doubted if they were trained for frisking professionally.

    It reminded me of the newspaper reports about incidents that happened in Kerala where a seventeen years old girl-student going to appear in the NEET examination was asked to remove her inner wares by security guards of a private agency.

    What are your comments and observations in this regard? Have you ever felt offended during any security check?
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    It has become an employment source for unemployed and hence the security guards are not doing their jobs correctly whether they trained or not. Also the agencies are paying very less amount for the time they do work. Also they have to update their knowledge time to time about these kind of medical advancements of human being.
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    The author is right that security guards must be trained to understand the real issues with with which a visitor is undergoing at least on the health grounds. The recruitment policy of builders is not taking any special considerations of the emergency situations which stresses the need of updating the latest knowledge in the different areas. Such training could be precise covering the vital health issues, safety aspects, fire fighting and after all the presence of mind to tackle the emergency needs arising out of their duties. The period of such training could not be necessarily exhaustive but must be targeted to cover the most important aspects so that the visitors are not unnecessarily harassed by the insensitive guards posted at gates.

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    There are some institutions for training of security guards but a very few of these guards are actually trained in such institutions as that costs money. Practically what is happening is that they will be given a basic training on some frisking and checking of people and that is all what they know about security check. Pacemaker is a totally new term for them and some of them will even doubt that the person is carrying some gun or amnution and will be feeling great about their judgement on matters of security.
    It is really unfortunate that the area of security is being neglected in such a way.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Generally the security agencies are run by Ex-army / ex-police personnel and it is believed that the guards under them are trained well by them. We have two security agencies in our factory - one was run by a retired police high official and another was an ex-army man. Weekly once some supervisor came to the factory and verified the procedures followed by them.
    In many places the visitors are also not considering the security personnel as well. One day I and my wife went to a big apartment to see my uncle where the security system was full-fledged. When we enter inside, I went to the security guard on duty and told that which flat I about to go, he said ok. But my wife told me that, "the Guard know me and all security personnel knows me well as I am frequently come here". I just told her, " though he knows us well we should keep informing him about our visit as it is his duty to check and is our duty to inform".

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    I feel the private security guards are not trained for working as professional security guards as they lack the politeness to talk to the important people, they do not have any weapon to defend themselves or the other and they have been kept as a staff to stop unwanted person to enter inside but they take the privilege of stopping everyone. In one of the company , the organization branch boss daughter has brought the lunch to her father who forgot to take the meal box with him. Since it is the sprawling office one cannot go inside without proper security check but even though she said that she is the daughter of a respectable staff in the company the security would not allow her nor they make the call to the person. And this kind of over action would irritate and irk the person who has the genuine reason to visit a office or factory.
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    There are some standard private security services organisations. They supply ex-service persons. But the charges will be high. There are some agencies who supply Guards for a very less amount. They may not know their nature of duties also. Just for the sake of posting guards, they will post them and they don't give any training also to them. So all will depend on how much money the organisation is ready to spend.
    Probably the author might have seen the second category of security guards during his visit to the mall. In all cities, we will see many agencies who will supply these security guards and we will get a guard for just Rs.1000/- per month. In this again the agency will take away some money and finally the guard may be getting hardly Rs.6000/- per month. For this amount no trained person will come and work for a long time. That is why we see frequent changes in the security guards posted.

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    Unfortunately, no, we know how the private security guard company works. Most of those who get into security guard work are not very educated. They get very low salaries and do not get proper training. Sometimes they work 2 shifts in different places to earn more, and this way they cannot do the quality work we expect them to do. We can often see people arguing with the security guard in the mall or cinema halls. It is because the guards are not very knowledgeable. It recently happened to us when I was getting inside with my technician in a mall, and there in the x-ray machine they found the tool box. We had opened it and showed that these were the tools, but they did not allow us to take the bag inside. Finally, we had to hand over the tool box to the security guard, and while coming back, we collected it.

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