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    We want long lasting roads. Is there any way out?

    Yes we are facing the problem of road erosion, deep cuts and pot holes across the main roads even though they are periodically maintained to please the leaders going through that roads. But the vagaries of monsoon and the strong rains would remove the earth from the road and thus concretes are strewn and no action taken. We want such type of roads which should withstand the water stagnation, no pot holes and a smooth riding experience. I would call upon the learned members to suggest new techniques to the govt in this matter.
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    Already there are many techniques available for laying good roads and many places it is done also. It is a simple mechanism to lay a thick layer (about 1-2 feet) of cement concrete and that goes for decades.
    What is lacking is will to do and making excuse of budget provisions. There is no problem of money actually. What is happening is that there are some vested interests who are interested in repairing the roads every year for getting commissions or bribes or whatever we call that. If they go ahead for concrete then big companies will come and will not give any commission to these people. Yearly repair will also be not there. Greed for ill money is causing harm to many schemes and areas in our country and country's progress is also affected. It is an unfortunate thing but is happening in many other areas also.

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    I came across a fact that in Tamil Nadu waste plastic is used to make the road laying strong and that would last long?
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    My view in this topic is the correction may be from our side is effective than anything. Many roads have a good volume of pit falls and if raining the pits are not visible. In many places the authorities digging huge hollow pits for repairing. But the pity in this is, the driving persons do not slow their speed even though they know the pitfalls etc., but by going rash driving they splash waters especially gutter waters on the passing persons without mercy. The case of children and elders are unable to tell. Besides there are accident/death of two wheeler driving persons by falling into the pit falls.
    Why do not we ourselves control our speed of driving in such places to avoid accidents of passerby and our ownselves.

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    As far as I know, the best is to have cement roads. The cost involved may be more. But they go for a long time and it will get paid easily as there will not be much maintenance involved also. But the road work should be done without any compromise on the quality of the work. Even tar roads also will be lost long if the work is done properly and as prescribed. But if the quality is to be maintained the contractor has to use good material in correct proportion and the thickness is also to be maintained properly. In such a case the contactors may not be able to make the politicians happy. That is where the actual problem lies.
    Yes. there is a development in road laying using plastic waste. The waste plastic with being melted and then poured and mixed with hot bitumen and the resulted mix is used. Strengthen and durability will be better. Titanium dioxide will also be added which will absorb the smoke from the vehicle. So far about 40,000 Kms roads was laid in India using this technology.

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