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    Doing a work with good intension meant for comments

    Many people in one house do on t do the house hold works by their own but commanding others. If we tale up that work with good intension, that is our own house work, we get comments that we are doing so as we have no work and others have tight scheduled works. In those days our most their never allowed us to do household works but nowadays people expects even small child should assist elders in the household works.
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    Gone are the days, when only the lady in the house has to work and all others will sit and command her. There is a change in the concept. Earning is not the right for men. Ladies will also go and work to earn. When ladies are helping gents in getting money for their needs, why gents should not help ladies in the house. So we are seeing many gents also participating actively in the domestic works. We should not comment against such people. That is a good trait in fact. Why should we take interest in somebody else's work and comment against them? Watch them and if you can learn something learn from them. Otherwise, leave it to them. That is the best way.
    But I am not seeing many children participating in domestic work in my friend circle or relative circle. I have seen many daughters-in-law who leave the work completely to their mothers-in-law and enjoy their lives. My experience may be different from that of the author. But in my opinion, all in the house should work equally so that one person will never get overloaded.

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    We are living western culture where nobody is restricted to particular work. In early times ladies were restricted to household work. All house-related work was their responsibility. But now time has changed. Everyone is free for living own life. Today there is no difference between boys and girls. All are studying well. All are earning money for their family. I think taking care of the house is the responsibility of every member. Why should only women take more responsibility? If she can go for earning money then another member should share household work so that women feel relaxed.

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    Household work is a regular work in any home. This is a routine and monotonous work and it is natural that some of the family members may not like to do it while others do it because of various compulsions. In those houses where servants are working there is not much problem but in the houses where servants are not there, as everyone cannot afford them, there is some problem and distribution of the work within the family members is not clear.
    In such a situation the people who are doing jobs and going out generally expect from others to do the household work. In case they want to share some of the responsibilities then everyone feels happy about it. We must understand that home is not an office that we can make a strict set of regulations. So people have to manage the show by cooperation and cordial ways only. Whoever wants to contribute is always welcome and it is obvious that all the members should refrain from making comments of hurting nature.

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    What I feel that if four members of the house are present, each must divide the works as per their wish and proficiency to do the same with finesse and thus the whole work can be scheduled and attended too without any setback. For example if the cooking is undertaken by the mother, the father can do the work of dicing and making other arrangements in the kitchen. If the daughter would keep the fore court and mop the floor that would be great. If the son would look after the washing part with the help of washing machine, I think each one of the member is contributing their little to keep the happening going. But one should not miss their scheduled responsibility because others would not attend or do. Even at the office the work should be divided and demarcated so that the chain should not be disturbed.
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