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    Understanding the way in which humans identify a particular smell

    One of the senses in human beings is sense of smelling. Even if our eyes are closed we can smell the item and tell what it is. Some of the smells are so prominent that it is very easy to identify them. Many items are identified just by their smells. Flowers, fruits, cooked items, drinks, industrial atmosphere, restaurants, and so many other entities have a characteristic smell of their own.
    There have been extensive research on how our nose is able to differentiate items based on the smell and though a lot has been deciphered but the exact mechanism is still a matter of research. The small feelers inside our nose are said to decode a smell and send the signal to the brain where it is recognised as a particular smell. It is a mystery as how the combination of these sensory elements inside the nose do it for each and every smell and same is yet to be resolved fully but it is well understood that it is more than a supercomputer claiming and having latest AI techniques. Have you read about these things? Please add your ideas.
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    I think there is some confusion. The thread heading is different and the content is different. The post of the author in the thread Has any of you contacted your old college or school friends after a long gap is copied and posted here. I think there is a mix-up. Probably the author by mistake posted this instead of posting the thread he wanted to post. The author is advised to look and do the needful.
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    Dr Rao thanks for your quick observation. By mistake I had pasted the response to the said thread as you have mentioned. Now I have edited it and corrected. Inconvenience to the readers is regretted.
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    I don't know much about the science behind the mechanism of smell. However, I do have to share a few things related to smell sense.

    If an eatable deteriorates due to bacteria, it starts giving a bad smell. By smelling such bad food, people know that the food has turned non-eatable. Thus without any M.Sc. or Ph.D. , ordinary people come to know about the non-suitability of food for consumption. Delicious food has flavor. Flavor includes smell sensory information.

    Dogs can smell better than humans. Because of these reasons, detectives maintain dog squads.

    Human body odor plays a very important role. So many types of deodorants, scents, and fragrances are available in the market.

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    The aroma and the smell emanated near us would be rightly spotted even when we are blindfolded and we would tell the difference and what is in store. Smell and taste are the two great boon given by the God for the human being and because of these two we are able to enjoy varied taste of food, fruits and other items and we get habituated to even say what is being cooked through the smell coming from the kitchen. And our nose is so perfect that we can differentiate between the good and stale food and that is the greatness of some people who always want fresh food to eat and would not accept the refrigerated and stored food after some time. Even animals especially the dogs are famous for smelling out the blood and that is why they are pressed into nabbing the wrong doers and the murderers. Nevertheless identifying smell is the great quality within us.
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    The aroma flouting around would reflect the taste of the particular food. It is a self tested system that the smell of a tasty food is always soothing to our tastes buds. Hence flavour of the food is the decisive factor in deciding its tangy taste. However, once the time crosses, its loose its natural smell and the ultimate taste soothing to us deteriorates reflecting a bad smell which is the sign of its deteriorating and not fit for consumption.
    Dogs are better than human being in identifying the smell and for the same reason, they are preferred in nabbing the criminals.

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    Our eyes have no role in smell. That is why we can smell the items even when we close our eyes and based on the smell we can identify the items. When our kitchen is having just made Ghee we can smell it from our bed or from our chair.
    The nose is the organ that senses smell. Olfactory receptors are the sensory neurons. which are located in our noses, are responsible for this entire mechanism. When the odour from the items comes and binds to these olfactory receptors the initiating process of sending the signal to the brain through a series of actions and the brain will recognise the item based on the smell.
    If we close our noses, the odour can't get to our noses and we may not be able to know the smell. That is why when we have some foul smell, we will take out our handkerchiefs and close our noses with that.

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