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    The hands that donate are greater than the hands that prays

    We come across the news that leaders pay homage to the departed soul of those who met with an accident or they died due to govt failure to protect their lives for obvious reasons or due to natural calamities or disasters. But their reach out is minimal or even nothing. Some just tweet in the social media and express their grief. What is the use of such people who seems to offer pray and even that is not done with kind heart, but they part with nothing to person in grief. Therefore the hands that donate even small amount is greater than those who offer to pray for our goodness.
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    Both hands that praying and donating are good to a human and equal to two hands. But those who cannot afford to donate monetarily or good wise can offer their contribution through praying.
    In Tamil there was a poor but sincere devotee of Lord Shiva named as Poosalar, in 12th century, living in a village Thirunidravoor, near Chennai. His entire mind was towards God, Lord Shiva and constructing a temple for Lord Shiva. He mentally planned the construction of Temple daily he presumed that the step by step developments of his mind Temple. One fine day he felt himself that the construction of his mind temple was over and named the God as Hrudayaaleeshwarar. He himself fixed a date for Kumbabishekam. At the same time Pallava King Kandavarkone, who was ruling Kancheepuram under which the village where Poosalar living was also comprised. Kandavarkone also constructed a huge temple for Lord Shiva in the name of Kailashanathar Temple in Kanchipuram and fixed date for Kumbabishekam. Lord Shiva came in his dream and told to fix another date for his temple kumbabishekam as He planned to go to the Temple Kumbabishekam of Poosalar. By hearing this decree, King postponed his temple consecration and rushed himself to Thirunindravoor to witness the consecration of Temple by Poosalar. On reaching the village he astonished no stone temple was found there and reaching Poosalar on enquiring his house. He found there the Poosalar was in meditation by enjoying the consecration mentally. Astonishing on his strong devotion, he worshipped the devottee and on his return from his mind, told about the decree of Lord Shiva. He also invited as Prime Guest to his temple consecration.
    Here we can realize the heartfelt prayer or thinking towards God will definitely yield goodness.

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    This is a very well-known fact. Always better to serve than pray. We all know that service to mankind is service to God and we have no doubts about that. Everybody will express their grief over a mishap. They may visit. talk over the phone or through social media with the people who suffered a loss. That is to console them and see that the family affected will not get depressed. That is also important. At the same time giving some help to them as required and doing some service to them will have a better impact on the person who suffered the blow.
    In Villages, if any person has died, the persons from other families will come to the house of the deceased and see that the required actions are taken and see that needful will be done. Some neighbours cook food and offer it to the deceased family members as they will not be in a mood to cook. But we will not see such service in towns and cities. Taking care of the people who are suffering is very important. Actions are required more than words.

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    Donations are always excellent. Almost all religions of the world encourage donations to the needy. The people who can afford it must spare a part of their earnings for donations for the welfare of needy people. However, one should be very careful in selecting the person or the organization for donations. Sometimes, we see newspaper reports about fake NGOs misusing donated money for selfish purposes instead of genuine charity work.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Showing sympathy or praying or praising with kind words all are in a good taste but what actually helps a needy person is donation. A poor and destitute requires shelter and food which are the basic needs of a human being but there are many who do not get even that minimum support in this world due to various reasons that create poverty in a group of people or some individuals. Donation is the only hope for them to survive in this difficult world. Donation is of various types. It could be in the form of money or material. The important thing about donation is that it is useless if it does not reach the deserving beneficiary. So wherever we are contributing some money as donation we must take care that it reaches the correct person otherwise the whole purpose of the donation is lost. If some group is genuinely working for the improvement of the conditions of the poor in a particular place then we can even consider making donations to that group.
    Knowledge is power.

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