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    Among whom you find more selfish characters?

    There are four phases in our life namely childhood, youth, middle age and the elder age. During the childhood age we are gifted with many things from the parents and others and may not part with the same with others. While being the youth, we want to have our own strategic moves and does not reveal the plans to others, and during the middle age our wisdom would teach us to be more selfish and would not reveal many things to others, and at the elders age, we are on the look for a confident person on who we can trust and entrust the earnings to look after others we love.
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    Selfishness is involved at every level of human life. Less at some levels and a little more at others. As soon as the baby is born, the mother acts selfishly for milk. So he learns that if he does not cry, the mother will not breastfeed. From then on in every stage of life, he has to play with everyone for his own survival until he is able to survive. After that, he has to be selfish for himself and his loved ones forever. But the best time of life is youth. The success of all life's actions, religion, and enjoyment happens during this period. So according to me, this is the best stage of life.
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    My observation in this matter is that if a person becomes selfish at any stage in his life then he will become more and more selfish with time. So stage wise it is going to increase only. The amount of selfishness changes from individual to individual and some people are not selfish while there are many who are too selfish.
    There is a theory that people become selfish because they are afraid of not getting their share in this world. That fear makes them to think about themselves only and not bother for others. This generally happens more in those societies or situations where demand is much more than the supply.
    In an individual, stage wise that is childhood to old age, it might not differ much because once this evil starts residing inside us it does not leave us easily. Selfishness is considered a bad trait but most of us possess it to the full potential.

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    There is no denial that selfish is the bad trait but we had it in full potential at many given point of time.
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    Human life seems like a short time but a long race. Where a child thinks that he wishes that he grows up soon and can achieve all that himself, for which he has to depend on others. The same young man rejoices in the joys of his success but is also eager to remember the innocence of childhood and get it back. And in old age, such a wave of trust is visible in front, which today some tomorrow and some are visible. When we think about words like trust and meaning in our life then perhaps a person lives like selfishness from childhood till death only till he gets the truth or knowledge of human life.

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    In my opinion, a little selfishness is always required. But it should not be very deep and should not go on increasing from time to time in our life. If we survive only, we can do something good in our life. So we should see that we will survive. At the same time for our survival, we should not spoil the progress of others. We should not harm others.
    But what we are seeing these days is that selfishness has gone to brutal heights and people are not hesitating to kill others for their selfish motives. This is what makes us more worried. A son kills his father for the cause of money, a wife kills her husband for pleasures, and a husband kills his wife for his own betterment. These incidents when we read in newspapers we feel how selfish people are.
    Human beings should learn to tolerate others. While taking some decisions one should think what is the effect of their actions or thoughts on the third party and then only they should take a final decision.

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