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    Being a legend has lot to do with practice

    Sachin Tendulkar is a legend, so is A R Rahman, R D Burman, Satyajit Ray. Yes, we all are aware of their performances in their respective fields and they have become a legend because of their mastery. They stand apart and can single-handedly change the scenario in their field of mastery. They have various success stories and many consider them mentors in their respective arenas. They should be and can always be considered as guiding lights. Undoubtedly they have immense talent and potential and many say their talent is a gift of God. I completely agree with them. There cannot be any doubt about it. But let's consider one situation.

    Take the example of Sachin Tendulkar or Maradona. Despite their God-gifted talent they tirelessly practised their game for long hours, even more than their teammates in many situations and mind it, they became Sachin Tendulkar or A R Rahman not in a day. Of course, their talent is the key but they perfected their talent by practising tirelessly. They kept on learning each day through their practice sessions which made a big difference. We have seen many great players not in perfect touch when they return to their game after a long gap for some reason. This long gap means a long break from their practice sessions also. The same thing will happen to a great singer if she/he stays out of touch for some reason for a long period. So, if it is said that becoming a legend has more to do with practice, will it be entirely wrong?
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    Nice thread from the author. For that matter we call a person as legend because, he has surpassed the records of all in his own way and set up of a bench mark to emulate and even act as the icon in the field and therefore there would be huge following for such person as the great legend. For example actors like Chiranjeevi, Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth are considered Mega star, Super star etc because they do the roles in a most impressive manner even without the director asking for them to do and they know the expectations of the followers and thus act according to their taste. And becoming a legend is not that easy. They have gone through great ordeals in life and even got insulted for not performing or short performing. So the perfection in their work beyond comparison with others would make them the legend for ever.
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    The legendary performers don't practice in the ordinary sense. Instead, they live in their chosen arena. Sachin Tendulkar-like cricketers inhale cricket and exhale cricket round the clock. Similarly, A.R.Rahman, like musicians, breathe music.

    It reminds me of a gazal of legendary poet Dushyant Kumar. The first stanza of the gazal used in the Bollywood movie Masaan goes like this -

    "Main jise Odhta Bichhata Huun,
    Vo gazal aap ko sunata huun.'

    A crude translation of the above couplet goes like this - 'I am narrating to you that gazal which I use as my beddings and cover or inside which I sleep.'

    The deep meaning of the above couplet is that the legend's life becomes the art they adopt. They live the art, they create the art, and they evolve the art.

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    Practice makes a man perfect and only after attaining perfection a person is categorised as a legend. So what is important is the sustained practice sessions and there is no substitute for that. When I was in my UG course I had difficulty in Mathematics in the sense that I was able to solve the questions but could not remember the tricks used in some tricky questions and that posed a big problem for me as that would make my score low and that was not at all an acceptable thing neither to my parents and nor to me. So I went to my teacher and asked him if there was any solution for that. He asked me if I was having similar problems in other subjects like Physics and Chemistry and I told him that I was not having anything like that in those subjects. He told me that I had to repeat the syllabus and specifically those questions as many times as I could and once I got that direction I did it and I got very good marks in Mathematics. Today I find that it was only the sustained efforts and nothing more than that.
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    A legend may be the best among the available skilled persons. We have seen many cricket players who are masters in their field. They are all good. But one or two among them may outperform all others. Such people will be considered legends. But becoming a legend is not an easy matter. Great understanding and knowledge in the concerned field and untired practice in the field will only make them legends. We will see their performances only but the troubles they had and the difficulties they underwent will never be known to us.
    A legend can't relax once he attained that position. He has to continue his efforts so that his skill will be sustained. He should learn the changes that are happening in the field and get conversant with those happenings. In fact, a legend can bring in changes in his area of operations and show new ways and means for his followers to excel in the field.

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