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    It is inevitable, Government will raise the price of domestic gas, so we need to book immediately.!

    We all know that the cost of domestic gas increases dramatically from time to time, which is why we need to book our full gas as soon as possible (if we have two gas in our houses). We get full gas within a day in Hyderabad, so it's a good idea to book our full gas right away.

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    While the site has asked us to give a detailed content for the July end tow topic the author choose to write a short but analysing the govt move to raise the domestic gas price which is a speculation from his side and we cannot book the cylinder just because the prices are low and there would be 21 days gap between previous cylinder booking and the new one. Moreover when the prices raise, it is the international phenomenon and just because the price of the tomatoes which are now 6 kgs for 100 rupees we cannot store them for being perishable in nature. Therefore some hikes are inevitable to which we have to make provision in our family budget and we have to go for austerity measure of other items which can be avoided or postponed. So the author need not worry about the domestic cylinder gas price which was already increased and priced at 1105.
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    #762588 Patriotic Indians should not think of the International market there is no recession touching them. Just a mere 50 rupees hike for every week will not even bother them. If the gas cylinders cross the 2000 rupees nothing will bother them. products, India has a lot of scarcity in Oil, Seeds, Gas, Medicines, and Manufacturing parts for automobiles, electronic gadgets, and wheat grains. e.t.c...There is a large distance between Europe and the Asian continents . Ukraine and Russia are not familiar countries so many people in India they came to know these countries the rise of the above products...Hoisting of the flag is compulsory on the rooftop. The Russia-Ukraine war adds to the woes of Indian print publishers. The paper that we use, which is lightweight coated paper is not available and manufactured in India. Even the glazed newsprint is not easily replaceable, so we have to continue buying from outside.
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    A good suggestion from the author, The rates are bound to increase for many commodities including gas also. So we should plan our requirements and purchase them in advance so that we will be safe at least for that period and we need not ay higher cost.
    We may be requiring one cylinder per month and we have two cylinders. As soon as one is emptied. we book online immediately. It is good that we are getting the booked cylinder on the same day. More than that there is no chance of purchasing more than that. Yesterday we booked a cylinder yesterday at 11 AM and we received the cylinder at 4 PM. Now we have one cylinder that is in use and the other one which is full in the store. There is no chance for further booking till one of the two is emptied.
    Thanks to the author for his valuable suggestion.

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    Due to the free market economy Govt is not able to check the prices of any item unless it gives good amount of subsidy on it. Time to time Govt tries to subsidise some items especially for the use of lower strata of the society but that is a big loss to the Govt exchequer but Govt is compelled to do that due to obvious reasons. In many states highly subsidised ration is being provided. During Covid situation a lot of people were given free food everyday. In view of all these factors it is not possible for the Govt to take care of every item and some items are costing more in the market depending upon their demand and supply conditions. Cooking gas is facing the same fate.
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