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    Why do people lack the courage to say 'no' even when required?

    I have noticed that generally, people don't say 'no' even when required. Perhaps they feel that by saying 'no,' they will be rated inferior by society. If people ask their relatives or neighbors for some errands, they try to accommodate as much as possible. However, in case it is not feasible for them to help, they generally don't say 'no' and resort to talking in a circumlocutory manner. Often, valuable time is wasted due to their evasive responses.

    I think one has to have enough self-confidence to say 'no' whenever required. We should have the courage to admit when it is possible and when not feasible for us to help others when requested. They may look for other options if we communicate with them instead of keeping them waiting in vain.

    What are your experiences and comments in this regard? Why do people lack the courage to say 'no' even when required?
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    We need not hesitate to say No when required. Otherwise, we will put ourselves in problems and at the same time, the other person will also be in problems sometimes. I have noticed some people who will hesitate to say no and put themselves in a difficult position. One should know his own strengths and weaknesses. Based on their position only One should Yes. Otherwise, they should say no only.
    When I was working in a company, we had a Board of Directors meeting. MD came out with a proposal and asked their opinion. I readily came out with my no to that. But no board member objected and went ahead. There is a huge loss in that process and the MD then realised the mistake.
    But there is should way to tell no. We can't tell the same directly but the other party is not going to get offended or annoyed. Some people talk very diplomatically and their telling will never contain NO. But finally the other person will understand that we are telling No.

    always confident

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    This is an interesting discussion thread. It is very correct to say that one must say 'no' in a situation where it is required and should not shy away from telling that. But in general people do not like to tell no because for a long time relationship there should be a minimum number of no and maximum number of yes. Diplomacy teaches us some basic tricks to deal with other people in this world. So instead of telling no people would prefer to say - 'yes, but we have to see it like ....' and things like that. So wise people tell no after a gap and by that time the person who had asked some question or query will also understand that there are some reasons due to which the wise one is delaying the answer in an intelligent way. Many people at the high positions know these things well and use 'yes, but ...' in place of no.
    Knowledge is power.

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