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    Indian flag as profile picture or flag gif as whatsapp status

    Now that the Independence day is fast approaching, the nation is embarking on celebating the great day with every Indian pariticpating in their own way. As we are more involved and participating in social sites, the DP and the whatsapp status are going to be filled with national flag images and gifs. It feels pride and honored to see many flags fluttering across the cell phones in the country, and there has been flurry of activities among the techies to create new gifs for the purpose and that would be used extensively during the coming days. Take yours also.
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    Yes, a lot of people put the flag as a DP image and have videos of the hoisted flag on a flag pole in their status In August nearer to Independence Day, and in January nearer to Republic Day. While we may not do so during other months of the year, somehow our feelings of pride go up several notches when these days approach.

    I have a photo I took at the Ahmedabad airport some years ago which has below the flag the words "Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara" and it is my all-time favourite image of our Tiranga.

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    We have seen the same in the past also and the same will be seen this year also. We will see many men keeping a small flag in the pocket of their shirts. School-going children will hold a flag in their hand and go from the school in a line to the main place of flag hosting in that area after hosting the flag in their school.
    We will see such activity again on January 26th, every year. Many people on Facebook keep a flag attached to their profile and that will be kept some time temporarily. All these activities will be to show the patriotism they have towards the nation.

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    Today morning I went to the Post Office and found that one can buy a flag there and then take a selfie with it and then share it in twitter and feel pride in doing so and join the people who are doing this near their Post Offices. India Postal department is celebrating it in a big way and one has to simply buy a flag and share the selfie at #IndiaPost4Tiranga and participate in this big festival activity being organised by India Postal Department.
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    The advertisement banner of India Postal Department for 'har ghar tiranga'.
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