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    As a parent do you tolerate teacher taking on your child for study flaws?

    The parent-teacher meeting is held every three months in the schools to have interaction between the parents and children on their progress or to discuss the drawbacks. The teacher would have the marks sheet of all the subjects and would start questioning the student in front of the parent as to what went wrong and why less score? And would be really awkward for a parent to see her own child being scolded for non performance. Is that good practice to chide the pupil in front of the parent? The child would be deeply hurt and he also loose the confidence.
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    Although I don't have any experience of being a parent or guardian as far as I have seen parents reacting in the parents-teacher meeting I don't think any parents get angry with the teacher. Instead of often supporting the teacher's point some of the parents listen to the suggestions of the teacher calmly and lectures their children on the way back or at home, while some other parent starts to scold their child in the school itself in front of the teacher and others student to the extent of making the child embarrassed and in the end teacher has to intervene between. Between these two kinds of parents, I guess the approach of the first one is better. And whenever I will be in such a situation I guess I will try to analyse the situation first and then react but will never go with the approach of the second parent as mentioned by me.
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    The first teachers of the children are their parents. The school teachers join later. Therefore, the performance of the children in school is a reflection of the attention being paid by the parents to their kid's studies. The parents should pay due attention to their kid's studies at home to ensure better performance in school. The purpose of the parents-teachers meeting is to discuss the kid's performance to improve the same mutually. Therefore, parents should not avoid discussing threadbare with the teachers their kid's achievements and failures.
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    As a matter of fact, a good parent should take those questions asked by the teacher as asked to him/her but not to the student. Parents should take the suggestions of the teachers as good for their children and should try to implement them for the benefit of their children.
    But as far as my knowledge goes in the parent-teacher meeting, individual cases will never be taken up. If a teacher wants to discuss with the parents of a particular student, he may call them separately and discuss. That is a good practice, rather than discussing about an individual in a general meeting.
    If any parent is having a different point of view, he/she should discuss the same in a private meeting with the teacher and during that discussion, the student should not be present there.
    Another point to be noted is the marks will be known to the student and his/her parent well in advance and they should get ready to receive the bang from the teacher before they attend the meeting.

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    If parents care is missing automatically the children study, character and every activities getting spoiled. There is no mistake in commenting the Teacher, though it is not correct to scold the child in front of the parents, they are doing their duty. We cannot drop total responsibility on the teachers for poor performance in children. The parents only can assess the reason for poor performance in their children. There are many points in this.

    1. Parents should sit with the children and speak with them - this will bring the flaw inside the children for poor performance. Many parents are talking to the children with convincing but if others talk to the children convincingly parents criticizing them as they are pampering their child and spoil through pampering. In their mind, parents means they are very strict. Many cases I have seen personally like this.
    2.If parents are not educated - for this they should arrange for additional tuition
    3. Many home situations are not up to the level of children education as parents expecting home related works from the children in the morning - while preparing for schools
    4. Many parents expects more from the children - according to their interest and wish.
    5. Besides they let the children to do all their needs by themselves - this in terms of making the children independent on their works. This can be done after certain age.
    6. Moreover the children are not treated as children in many houses.
    7. In one Tamil cinema (1965), because of quarrel husband and wife - having twin girl child, separated themselves with one child each. The children both without knowing as sisters studying in the same class . The children were longing for the love of father/mother as other children do have. Similar mind set up could be in the children to lack in studies as their parents are always quarreling or not heading the children as children etc.

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    Parents are called by the teachers to give information about the progress made by the students and point out their drawbacks as well. The meeting between the parents and the teachers happens once in two months or three months. I think parents should note down the drawbacks of their children and try to correct the mistakes pointed out by the teachers. However, the teachers should not be very rude to the students in front of the parents and explain their mistakes in a soft way.

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    Even for this meetings the parents depute the proxy to know the details as both are working.
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