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    Have you noticed that ads started appearing even before we write content in the slot?

    I have been keenly observing a fact that when ever I open the new forum post slot to hoist a fresh thread, the Google adservice would be asking to wait and immediately ads started appearing on the upper banner, down long strip and the side ads below the awards and gifts slots thereby it indicates that Google has formulated a forethought about this channel and believe that we raise a content of internet approval. Therefore it has become more important for us to raise useful threads. Previously the ads used to appear after the content was raised. Any comment?
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    I have never observed earlier and even now also. When we open any new page, we will see advertisements on that page even before we start reading the thread already posted. The same thing may be happening on the edit forum thread page also and also on the new forum thread page also.
    What I noticed these days is the number of advertisements on a page is increased. Some advertisements will be appearing and disappear and reappear after a certain period of time. This is happening irrespective of the page you are reading or writing. The same thing may be happening there also.
    Anyhow, let other members also give their opinions so that clarity may come and however, these advertisements are not causing any disturbance for our working I think.

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    The advertisement placement softwares and applications work in a smart way. They will be placed on each webpage which have subscribed for it. The softwares are capable of changing the advertisements also quickly so that the person going through that webpage notices it. Ideally speaking they should be there before we take our actions on a particular webpage. Many times they obstruct our view also. Then we have to either close that advertisement or manipulate by going back one step and coming back to the same page again.
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    Ads appearing after content made is as per the words used, but I am talking about new ads appearing when about to write a content.
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