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    Up to what extent people get influenced by advertisements?

    We see advertisements everywhere. Newspapers, television channels, billboards, websites, etc., are the most common places we see advertisements. The advent of digital marketing has added another dimension to the world of ads.

    The question is to what extent people get influenced by advertisements. I think people get affected by ads up to a large extent. By repeatedly watching advertisements for the same products over a long period, they start believing that the advertised product is the best one and go to buy the product.

    What are your observations and comments in this regard? Do you get influenced by repeatedly watching advertisements for the same product? Have you ever bought any product because of getting influenced by ads? What was the outcome? Was that product better than others?
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    Advertisements are a very powerful marketing tool in today's business environment. They do not affect everyone but some people definitely get affected by that and slowly the advertisements become successful in their intended purposes. The basic aim of advertisements is to establish the brand of the item in the market. Products like Lifeboy, Bournvita, Surf, Dalda, Colgate, Maggi, Horlicks, and many others are example of the brand where people address other similar items also by these established name. There was a time when big companies like Bata, Hindustan liver, Philips, Raymond, ACC, Maruti etc spent a lot on advertisements and every household came to know these names. Once the name of the company becomes a brand in the market then the rich and upper class people generally go for those items believing that they are value for the money spent. Brand and goodwill of a company go a long way in bringing the revenue to the company.
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    There is a proverb in Tamil " Adimel adi vaithaal ammiyum nakarum"- which means that if you go on pushing step by step repeatedly, even a hard grindstone will also move.

    Advertising now a days is like that. We are bombarded umpteen times everyday for days and months by advertisements. So even though we would have ignored or resisted initially, i due course we get influenced by the repeated 'injections' into our brain. The children easily fall prey to this. By advertising a lie repeatedly eve the lie becomes an accepted truth in the present day world of promotions and marketing. Advertising is a tool for that.

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    There are three kinds of advertisements being released everywhere and elsewhere and that need to be understood first. The first kind of advertisements are those from the reputed brands, which need to retain their existing customers and market share and thus earmark crores of rupees for sustained advertisements so that the product should be remembered when shopping is done. The second set of ads are those which are new to the market and want to test India as the test marketing. And the third set of ads are those which are the additional products introduced by the same company and thus want to connect immediately before the competitor takes the share. And the internet has been playing wonderful role in getting the product reach immediately as the strip ads tempt us to inquire and go for the product at the click of the ads.
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    Advertisements play an important role in marketing. When we are planning to purchase an item we will try to know the better brand for that product through various sources. These advertisements will attract the attention of the people who wanted to purchase that product.
    Indians are crazy and they will follow their superstars in various fields. If Virat Kohli says so and so product is the best. his fans will take it into their minds and go and purchase that product only. But they never know that Kohli is earning money by giving that advertisement.
    Personally, I never decide on a product by seeing the advertisement. I decided on the money, I want to spend on that particular item and then I will see the brands that are available in the market and their reviews. I discuss it with my sons and other friends and relatives and then decide on the brand and purchase the same. But I will never go by the advertisements that are coming in newspapers or anywhere else.

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    Though the advertisements are escaped from the eyes of the media viewers such as television, newspapers. Many of us skip the TV advertisements by changing the channel to another by remote control.
    Sometimes the scanning advertisements helps us also. One day I casually scanned an advertisement in newspaper about the mosquito net available in door types and window pasting etc., After sometimes, when I went to my cousin brother house in Madurai, I suggested to put a door in side door for mosquito prevention. As he said okay, we called a known mason for preparing the door. When he came to our house for discussion, suddenly I thought of the advertisement. Immediately I told the mason about that. He said really it was a good product and cost wise also nominal comparing to any other thing. Accordingly he got a door and fixed simply.

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