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    Despite 75 years of independence, PrimeMinister traveled in a German-made car!

    People believe that India will become a superpower in the coming years since it is more developed. Those who tells that want to have some benefits in their life. But the reality is far from that. This luxury bullet-proof saloon that has been added to the PM's fleet is the facelifted version of the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Guard, globally unveiled in 2019 and manufactured in Germany. The Indian Prime Minister who claims to speak for the Indian people, cannot manufacture his car without Indian automobile experience. Do you believe the prime minister should act more maturely since he holds such a prestigious position before making such statements and not following them? A leader must lead from the front...
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    Prime Minister Modi is not only important for India but also an important world leader and we have the responsibility and reason to safeguard his life and therefore more secured cars are needed to transport him to the vulnerable places. As the author himself admitted that the Mercedes Maybach is the very good bullet proof car and unfortunately India does not have the expertise and quality of that kind. Having seen such kind of unavailability, the very reason Modi coined the self reliant India slogan points out to making such cars which are better than world brands. Just wait for the big announcement soon as Indian car makers are also capable to make cars from the strong steel sheets of Vikrant as we have seen how the motorcycles were made strong. So do not underestimate the power of our country and backstage many things happening.
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    India is still a developing country. It is far behind developed countries in technology. We import commercial planes from Boeing and Airbus companies. Most advanced weapon systems, fighter jets, etc., are imported from developed countries. Various machineries are imported from developed countries like America, England, Germany, Japan, and Russia. Incidentally, many Indians work in developing countries and contribute to their growth. It appears that in India, the atmosphere is not conducive to encouraging merit and talent.
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    I completely agree with the author when he says "Despite 75 years of independence the PM of India traveled in a German-made car". It is indeed a sad part as far as India is concerned.

    However, let me provide some more details in this thread. Mr. Modi became the PM in 2014 and he will be the PM till 2024 until the next election. So, 1947 (when India got independence) – 2014=67 years. What I want to say here is that before 2014, 67 years there were different party's rules and there were different PMs of India. I would like to ask the author please provide some details on what other PMs were doing in the entire 67 years. If that does not happen in 67 years does Mr. Modi has a Magic stick that he can solve all the problems in just 8 years in such a vast country as India?

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    This is an interesting observation made by the author. Frankly speaking, the Prime Minister or any other person in high position in the government should as far as possible use indigenous items for their use in office or even in their homes. That would set an example for others and it can be hoped that others would also follow the suit. India is already making many high quality items though our manufacturing segment is not as robust and effective as that of China and many other countries. We are still under the development phase and becoming a super power is a distant dream.
    Coming to the specific case of the present Prime Minister Mr Modi, I do not think that he is using many foreign goods and imported things for his use in office or in house as compared to most of the earlier Prime Ministers of this country. The use of a German car seems to be an isolated one that also due to the safety and security reasons. So just by that one item it would not be fair to tell that he is creating a bad precedence. I think the assessment of a person should be done based on his all the actions and activities rather then a single one.

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    By virtue of SPG protection to the head of the nation, PM has to oblige for the foreign cars for being the bullet proof and unlike the state chief ministers the entire cavalcade is full of imported cars.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    India has to make still a lot of progress in the manufacturing segment. We have come a long way. But still, a long way to go.
    There were Prime Ministers earlier who used to use foreign services even for ironing their dresses. But now the present PM is using only a car for safety and security reasons. We need not think too much about that.
    As mentioned by the author, we should strive for self-sufficiency. Already many initiatives were taken by the present government and we may see the results in the coming days. Today we are seeing many branded cars that are manufactured in India on the roads. That itself is headway.

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