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    The government's recent activities are aimed to make the country corruption-free or opposition free?

    The government of the country has taken some steps against corruption at various times with the help of their respective departments. We have been observing this for a long time. But leaders and ministers are exempted in most cases. But recently we are seeing a lot of glaring corruption. And the concerned departments are starting to take active action immediately.

    On the one hand, it feels good to hear this news in the media. It seems that corruption will be eradicated from the country. On the other hand, the leaders of various political parties are describing it as a process of creating pressure on the opponents of the government. According to them, the government is taking all these actions against the leaders and ministers of the opposition political parties to defame them. Their aim is to eliminate opposition to the government and not to unleash real corruption in the country. Share your valuable experience here.
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    In the past also ED and other agencies used to raid the doubtful people doing corruption and money laundering and it is not a new thing. Only thing is if it is happening in a selective way against only the people in opposition then it will be a worrisome trend because tomorrow when the present opposition would come in power then they will start raiding the present high position holding people. So such vendetta based raids or investigations are not in a good taste. But while making this argument we are forgetting a big thing that why such rampant corruption and money laundering is happening in our country. We suddenly have become cautious of it as ED and some other agencies have become serious about it. Why for a long time in the past they had not been strict and stern in these matters? These are the questions and definitely answer to them would be required by the common man as this money was basically for the progress and prosperity of the country which would be beneficial for the common man only.
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    Read the heading, which is interesting. The answer to the question is as follows:

    If the opposition is synonymous with corruption, then to make India corruption-free, it will automatically become opposition free, isn't it?

    Sad but true! But, there must be an honest, upright and efficient opposition in a democracy.

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    It is not rocket science to understand politics since no politician has ever been jailed for a lifetime due to corruption charges. However, In the affidavits out of 543 elected Members of MP 483 members are having affidavits stating that cases are pending in different sections of the IPC(mainly criminal), They(political parties) pretend to be quarreling with each other with fascinating dramas but nothing will happen...There is a say in English "All begins well that ends well"...
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    Time and again it was proved that Congress leaders were involved in the corrupt practices and though they thought their party would remain in power for ever and none would dig the past bad deeds, BJP on the other hand born to expose the corrupt deals in every opposition ruled states and bring them to justice. The party has been doing what the voters asked them to do. So why there is hue and cry if country wanted to make the nation corruption free. In fact the people should be grateful to this regime that they exposed the true colors of the so called opposition which swindled public money when they are in position. Let the opposition be corrupt free and they should not be ever thinking that by stashing money with third party, or benami they would not be cornered and ED has now become expertise to expose even from that angle.
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    Corruption may be there in the politicians belonging to opposition parties as well as the ruling party also. The enforcement departments should see the corrupted politicians and should not see whether he belongs to the opposition party or the ruling party. They should react equally with all the corrupt people.
    But when the ruling party controls these corruption prevention authorities also, there is a chance for people to get these doubts. But the present government is trying to at least some extent corruption. In the present government corruption at the highest level is not there. That is a positive issue.
    If the opposition leaders are not corrupted, they will become a strong opposition and they can fight the corruption in the ruling party. But unfortunately in our country, there is no strong opposition and some top opposition leaders are also facing corruption charges. That is making a lot of difference,

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    I have to disagree with the suggestion that the government's activities to catch the corrupt people are aimed at making their rule opposition free. Corruption is pervasive and omnipresent. It is a byproduct of human greed. Like the saying - 'to err is human,' one can say that - 'to have greed is human.'

    Also, 'w' never comes alone. After 'w' of wealth, other 'w's come later.

    The ruling government gets the chance to crack the corruption syndicate as they have investigation agencies and police forces under their control. Take the example of West Bengal, the central government had to deploy central forces during raids and investigations as the West Bengal police were under the control of the state government and action was to be taken against a minister of the state.

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    Let the opposition leaders also take pledge and be corruption free and gain the confidence of the voters. Every regional party and some national parties were in corrupt practices in the past and that are being made public to know that the voters went wrong in judging them. What is surprising me that corruptions of big order cannot be concealed like a big pumpkin which cannot be concealed inside the plate full of rice. And there are many ways to find the corrupt deals and the wrong doer may not be securing himself free from corruption and thus gets exposed for free.
    K Mohan
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