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    Money may not sustain happiness but can help us go through memories

    Though earning money has become the compulsion and must for everyone, what amount should be earned and how is the matter giving worries for many. Some have the knack of earning even with their meager qualification but using their smart brain they are into high level earnings. Some are highly qualified but badly placed in wrong places with less salary. But money may not get all the happiness we are intending to get, but it would certainly help through the memories to which we have experienced. The members can comment on their experience.
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    Earning money is a compulsion because it is required for one's livelihood. Earning more money is not a compulsion but it is an addiction. It is usually seen that when people start earning more then their ambitions and aspirations also increase with that and their frequency of acquiring worldly and materialistic pleasures also increases drastically. They go for bigger houses and more physical facilities and there is no end to it. They keep servants also for managing their household and business affairs. I have seen one of my relatives doing very good in business and almost every month he performs some Puja in his house and invites people and offer them good food and some gifts also. Every one likes him because of his good hospitality. So when earning is more people can find ways to spend also.
    The path through which a person travels in making money is full of experiences of all sorts and those who can earn a good amount of money without much qualifications are definitely the intelligent ones.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Money is necessary for all of us to lead a normal life. But how much is required is the question? Many of us always try to earn as much as possible and even that also is not bad. But how you are earning and what is the way you are adopting for the same is important. One should not leave the right path to earn money. We should not think of illegal ways to earn money.
    We think we can enjoy our life if we have money. When you have money and enjoy those days will be in your memory for a long time and whenever you get into those memories, you will enjoy those memories. But all people who are rich are not enjoying their lives. They have their own problems and they suffer a lot in finding solutions to their own problems.
    I never think that there is a requirement for money to have good memories. A poor man also will remember the day which he enjoyed. I don't remember the date on which I got my first salary or the date on which I purchased my first assets. But I remember on what date I received my degree certificate or on what date I received an appreciation letter from my boss.

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