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    Why hate against this performing central govt- Explained

    The NCB has so far seized 80,000 kgs of drugs valuing 8 lakh crores and obviously the drug mafia is spreading its tentacles to malign this govt. The ED has seized 1,20,000 crore black money so far from the corrupt leaders and obviously they are taking vengeance to spread false against this performing govt. And India never imported the Corona vaccines from powerful MNCs abroad and thus they lost huge market. And Modi govt brought the Rafael directly overriding the brokers and thus they are fuming against the deal. So the mafia in Drugs, the erring politicians, the pharma mafia and the broker mafia bent upon to bring malign to this govt. Any comment ?
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    Whatever cases of money laundering and corruption that ED and other agencies have caught is not a new thing in India. These people were involved in corrupt practices since long and today there is a hue and cry simply because they are caught now. What is the purpose of stacking so much money is not very clear but there is a guess that they might be keeping it for the spending during election times. It is also very clear that such things cannot happen without the knowledge of the higher ups and it is to be seen as who are those people in high positions who are involved in these scams.
    The surprising thing in this matter is that the people who are being caught are not feeling any humiliation and on the contrary blaming the present government that it is taking vengeance with them. They are also not afraid that they are going to be jailed for next 20-25 years and will waste their lives in the jail cell. This is the highest order of boldness that I have witnessed in my life.

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    Mohan Sir, the anger against the present Government because of three reasons:-

    (a) The Government has started working for the poorest of poor. It is ensuring that the benefits from Government schemes reach the lowest rung of the society. The money is no longer siphoned off in between.
    (b) It is taking action against corrupt politicians and is minimizing the scope of corruption in different areas.
    (c) The Government is fighting against communalism of two particular minority communities against the majority community and is no longer appeasing these two communities in the name of secularism.

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    There are many people who got accustomed to corruption and earning in illegal ways. If somebody tries to avoid such people, those people will get annoyed and say against the people who are coming in their way and making them lose their earnings.
    In India, especially in the defence sector, there were many intermediate people who are making huge money. Now if the government is directly talking with the suppliers and getting the items directly from the manufacturer, the persons who are losing their job and money will never like it. So they will hate the people who are responsible for their loss. That may be what exactly happening as of now in our country.
    We need not worry about political rivalries and they are natural. That is a game for power. In this game. many people will lose and some people may gain.

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    I do not know how the title and the content of this thread are related. Why does one have to malign the government through corrupt practices? The NCB or the ED is doing their jobs and seizing illegal things which they used to do earlier also and whenever some leaders are caught they blame another political party for the mess created. For the information of Mohan Sir, I would like to state that the Covishield Vaccine which is widely used in our country and the rest of the world was not developed in India. It was developed jointly by a pharmaceutical MNC AstraZeneca and Oxford university and the same formulation is produced by Serum Institute of India. One may have various political affiliations but the information should not be twisted in such a way to give the credit for everything to a specific government/political party of one's individual choice.

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    The opposition parties constantly criticize and condemn the ruling party with a strategy to win the next election and return to power. After independence, the Indian National Congress ruled India for a very long period. Those days the opposition parties did not know the intricacies as they were never in power. However, when the opposition parties of those days came to power, they also tasted the power and became proficient in the trade secret of the rulers. So, sitting on the opposition benches, they know what is happening behind the curtains.

    The voters turn the table. They cannot remain satisfied with any political party perennially. There are so many problems that no political party can solve all of the issues. Thus the voters become unsatisfied with the ruling party after one or two tenures of any party and elect the opposition party next time.

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