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    Is it better not to answer than giving a confusing or wrong answer?

    Many times in our lives we get an opportunity for answering a query by a person either in person or telephonically or in social media or in some internet place where question and answer sessions exist.
    Some people are very careful and cautious while answering to anybody as per the query and either give a precise answer or keep quiet and would simply say that they have no idea about the matter.
    At the same time there are many people who give some answer to the query and do not bother whether that is correct and relevant or not. It is their over confidence or boldness, it is difficult to say but they often do such things. By doing that they are not only losing their reputation but sometimes embarassing and confusing the other persons also.
    What is your feeling in this matter? Should we answer just because we have to answer or we should answer only when we are sure about it. Please share your opinion.
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    A nice thread from the author. Only people who are knowledgeable and confident in that field can only answer the questions properly. So before asking a person we should select the person to whom we have to put that question. The person who is asking the question should decide whom to ask. The process is initiated always by the person who is asking the question. For these questions. there are no correct or wrong answers. The person will answer the question using his own wisdom. The answer will be based on his experience and knowledge. He answers but never asks the other person to follow that. It is the decision of the individual to accept the answer or not.
    There is a saying in Telugu, you can hear all but you need not follow them in a hurried way. You can analyse, think and take the best route. So, if the answer is confusing and not clear, we can avoid practising that suggestion.
    If somebody asks us a question, if we keep quiet, the others may feel that we are proud and strong-headed. That is why we are not answering their question.
    Anyhow always giving a precise answer to the question asked us appreciated instead of telling them big stories and unwanted suggestions.

    always confident

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    Many shallow persons treat all others as inferior to them in knowledge. They will give even non-sensical answers presuming that the listener is a fool and will not be able to know if the answer is correct or not. I have noticed such a tendency more in teachers. Since they deal with students throughout the day who are comparatively not knowledgeable, they treat the whole world like their students only.

    I hate such people who cheat others by giving unauthenticated answers. It is utterly immoral and unethical to give wrong answers. People should accept that they don't know the correct answer.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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