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    Tonnes of Tomatoes thrown by roadside and we are charged 20 per kg?

    Few days back the Tomatoes were very costly and even went to the rate of 120 per kg and many stopped cooking then. Gradually the tomatoes harvest was good in both Telangana and AP and subsequently the rates were decreasing. As of now we are getting the same at 20 per kg, but when we see the tonnes of tomatoes being dumped the roadside outside of AP market yards, that is really painful and we can imagine the plight of the farmers who are not even getting the labor and transport rates and thus being perishable they are throwing on the road and registering their ire. How about your areas ?
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    Presently the rate of tomatoes in our place is going as Rs 40 per Kg. In many interior and remote villages tomatoes are being thrown just like that as there is no market for them or no one is lifting it from there. It is well known in our country that though our agricultural production is high but we have difficulties in procuring these materials at the village level and then distribute them elsewhere. The middlemen are there but they do not work in a correct and honest manner. Govt has limited storage through FCI or agencies like that. Private players are avoiding that due to high transport costs and fear of local mafia groups. So it is a big challenge as how to correct this situation. People generally say that Govt systems are to be improved but when they are working in that system they do not take interest in the ground level work.
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    Sir, this is always happening in India. Excess in one place, costly in another. Good storage facility and appropriate transport system to quickly distribute the agricultural products everywhere are lacking in India.
    The farmers in rural India suffer. The urban middle-class and poor people suffer. The middlemen enjoy life.

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    Yes. Yesterday I was in the market to purchase vegetables for this week. The cheapest is tomato. As mentioned by the author they cost Rs.20/- per kg only. That way the market rates are changing very fast. This is mainly due to the excess quantity present at a particular time and non-availability at another time. Sometimes the markets will be feded with the same item. Those times the rates will be very less and sometimes we will not find that item in the market. Then the cost will be very high.
    The transportation and cold storage facilities are not available to these small farmers. So they can't store the material for a long time and they can't transport the same to other places. This is causing the problem.
    We have seen the variations in the prices of onions many times like this tomato prices also. These are the inherent risks that are being faced by small farmers as well as the customers also.

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