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    Would you like to talk to an artificially intelligent robot?

    Consequent to the developments in the computer technology and robotics, many companies are developing the robots who can do a variety of jobs and even can talk and give company to a person. More and more work is going on in this niche area and many designs are being released by the manufacturers of these sophisticated machines. Some experimental designs are already there with whom one can talk in any subject and one would be surprised to find the knowledge that these machines are possessing. The surprising thing is that if we try to change the subject or try to confuse the machine still it will stand for some time but eventually fail to give a correct answer as human brain is still at a higher level than that. It is hoped that in future more powerful robots would be made who will fight a long time before surrendering to a highly intelligent human being.
    Are you aware about these machines which are going to change our future lives significantly? Would you like to talk to them and have fun? Please share your ideas regarding these machines using AI for interacting with us.
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    The performance of Robots depends on the software programmes that are built into the brain of the robot. As far as I know, a general Robot can do all the work that a human being can do is not developed till now. But Robots are there for specific purposes and many of us are using them. There are robots which will do the cleaning work. We have a Robot in our house which will clean the floor daily at a particular time as instructed. It will go as per the mapped area and complete the cleaning and mopping also.
    But a Robot that can help the human being in all his activities is still awaited. Shortly I hope one such Robot will also be developed. These days many industries are employing Robots for particular works. These Robots will be trained in an activity which will be performed a number of times in the process and that Robot will be continuously performing the same activity only. These Robots are replacing human beings working in those areas. It may further enhance the unemployment problem.

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