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    How to make out whether a person is faking or telling truth?

    Different people have different nature and behaviour in this world. Some are easy going and talking in a simple and plain language and tell things in a straight forward manner without hiding anything or without having any intention of cheating the other person. That is definitely a good quality and such people are liked and respected in the society.
    On the other hand there are some crooked and mean people who never tell the correct things and always are in a faking mode. They talk behind their selfish motives and cheat and betray others. They generally are very clever and take people under their spell before cheating them.
    It is difficult to identify these people just based on their initial behaviour and talks made with us.
    Have you ever seen or interacted with such people? Can we make out about them just based on initial interactions? Share your experiences.
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    People are of different natures and we may come across the people putting their emotions into the straight forward manner without telling any lies. These people are the plane hearted people are basically straight forward. However, there are certain classes of people whose ulterior motives cannot be identified and these people are equally smart to convince the people with their oily tongues. Their talks are certainly impressive and they can impress the audience. They have the different tools for getting their tasks from the people and sone or later they are exposed for their gimmicks. Hence it is always better to maintain honesty in our approach.

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    This world has different types of people. A wise person will go along with everyone just like a water drop on a lotus leaf. But some people are not wise and they will come out openly with their plans never understanding the intentions of other people. Such people will be in trouble sometimes. Some people play their cards very close to their chest. They never reveal their plans to anybody and do whatever they want.
    I feel we should behave based on the mentality of the other person. One should not behave the same way as all others. We should also change our strategy based on the behaviour of the other person. Then only our planning will go well.
    I have a close relative who never discloses what is there in his mind. But he will always go on asking us about our plans. Once or twice I disclosed my opinions. But later on, I understood his intentions and I also started marinating the same strategy only.

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    That is a good point Dr Rao that once we get a feeling that the other person is playing we should also change our strategy to tackle him.
    Knowledge is power.

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    wrong submission
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