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    Some people are extremely introvert

    There are some persons who are habitual of remaining in isolation. They will not meet with other people and will not socialise and will be confined to themselves. In their workplace also they will talk minimum and mostly do their jobs. If someone wants to be close to them then they would simply discourage and talk as less as possible. These people do not believe in making friends and are actually cut off from the society in which they live. Some people consider them as mad or something like that but they are not mad and are actually introvert and live in their own world. They do not socialise and avoid gatherings. From appearances and outlook they appear sad and grim.
    Psychologists tell us that it is a kind of mental disorder and these people suffer from that. In a society such people are actually ridiculed by others.
    Have you seen such personalities? What are your views about their situation?
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    The author has presented a very nice post indicating the character of introvert people. Really the are the contributing to the society with their best talents but are reserved in their talks. They would explain everything how the work has to be executed if they are boss and in case of being a subordinate of a boss, they are sincere and dedicated. Hence on work front, there is no problem but in the society, they would not take active roles due to their hesitant nature. They would not share their emotions but they don't have any issues in listening if someone is sharing. On intelligent angle, they are basically smart and would not lag in in their job performance.

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    I have seen many people who are introverts. Many scientists are introverts only. They remain in their world of thinking and experimenting but never think about other issues and other people. Many introverts are poor in their General Knowledge. Their time will be spent thinking about science and its discoveries. For them, the other matters are not that important.
    We will be coming across such people in our offices also. Such people will spend their time working only. They never talk to their colleagues. The output from them may be more than that of normal people. But they never show off. Their bosses only should understand their efficiency and reward them accordingly.
    Introverts may not shine in their lives like other people. Other people will show off their work, take the help of other people and try to complete the work as early as possible. One should not always stay in isolation. They should mingle with people and help others. They can also get help from others if required.

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    We cannot say such people as introverts as they are calling themselves they are isolated and do not want to mingle with others. On the other hand they are saying that they have no time to mingle with others as they are busy always. I met one person by knowing that he is in whatsapp and asked whether he saw a message I sent to him but he replied as, 'I have no time, so I do not see any message in whatsapp etc.,'. By hearing this, another friend of mine who was standing by my side told him as, "for this such android phone all a waste".
    Similarly I have seen some persons commenting others as introverts when they are actually corrects the mistakes done by them. That is also not good without understanding the inner meaning and involvement of them.

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