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    Understanding organic traffic

    When a writer publishes his works in internet then the needy people and other net surfers visit it if it is useful for them and if it is really good they would tell others also about it and the traffic to the contribution might increase. This traffic is known as organic traffic. For this the writer does not do any extra efforts. Sometimes the writers might share their work with friends and other people through WhatsApp or Facebook or twitter etc and suddenly get a huge views to their work but it subsides the very next day. It is actually the created traffic and not the organic one. For earning revenue through views, whether it is from a blog or indirectly from site, one must have a good amount of organic traffic. This is the reason why many sites insist on the quality of the content as well as the type of the contribution. It is imperative that people desiring to get success in online freelance working especially creative writing have to excel in their writings to attract the organic traffic. Are you aware of it?
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    If there is no stuff in our writing, we will not get much traffic and we will not have many views of that writings. But by asking known people to go through and forward to their known contacts authors may try to get some traffic. But that may not lost long. People may not show much interest.
    Again personal tastes will also be different. What the author like may not be liked by the viewers. That is why some writings which we like also may not get much traffic. Even prize winning writings also some times may not be liked by many people. They judges might have liked our writing but many viewers may not like it.
    It is really great to write something good which attracts many viewers and recommend on their own to their contacts. Such writers should be admired and encouraged.

    always confident

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    Generally 'how to do it' or 'do it yourselves' types of articles in some niche topics get more views.
    Knowledge is power.

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