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    Even controversy has become interesting this year

    Today 22nd August 22 is as usual my saying of palindrome date 22/8/22 and this is special to Chennaites because it is celebrated as Madras day related to commemorating the founding of Madras city in 1639 and it is celebrated with gala events.

    The controversy is between 22nd July and 22nd August 1639, 22nd July as being the deed of purchase and not 22nd August.

    But how this controversy is interesting this year. 22nd July is celebrated as pi day being the first 3 digits of the date 22/7+22 being the value of pi and also palindrome and 22/8/22 being palindrome and also a celebration of Madras day as these both dates have dual specialty this year.
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    This is an interesting observation by the author. In the year 2022 every day falling on 22nd of a month except October and December will be a palindromic number.
    As regards the controversy in the matter generally administration takes a view based on the earlier precedences in the matter.
    Anyway they have celebrated it on 22nd August and issue is resolved.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good. If we write the year as 2022, we will not get the palindromic number. Instead of 2022, if we write the same as 22 only, the 22nd of all 12 months will have a palindromic number. In 2023 also the 23rd of every month will have a palindromic date. Good observation by the author.
    The author brought out the controversy between the agreement date and the date of formation. A similar controversy was there in Andhra Pradesh also. Combined Andhra Pradesh formed on 1st Nov. So that day is being celebrated as AP formation day. Now the state got split and the residuary Andhrapradesh is formed in the month of July. Now the controversy is when to celebrate now the AP formation day.

    always confident

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