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    Rahul Dravid the Indian coach tested positive after taking three doses of the Covaxin vaccine!

    The former Indian Capitan and Indian coach tested covid positive after taking three doses of the Covaxin vaccine. An Athlete who is fit in physique and healthy conditions also tested positive even after taking a vaccine that itself tells that how the vaccine is working in the body...
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    There are many such cases happening that even after having two main doses and one booster dose people are getting the infection from the new variants of the corona virus.
    This can only be explained by the limitations of the scientific and biological research in this area and particularly in the area of vaccine effectiveness. Still it is a fact that pandemic was contained by mass vaccination. There is no dispute about that. The effectiveness of a vaccine is established by testing it on a small sample of people but it may not be exactly so when it is given to a large population. There are many inconsistencies and ambiguities in this matter but people have to accept what is the best available in the market after so much research and there is no surprise that if a better vaccine comes in the market we simply condemn and discard the earlier ones. This has happened with so many medicines in the past.

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    We had so much awareness and messages about the coronavirus and we understood it during the lockdown. However, I feel some people in India need more than a booster "Gyan" about Corona to make such people understand. The vaccine is never meant to stop corona completely or guarantee that virus will not affect those who have taken the vaccine but to minimize the large effect of the virus on our body. In simple language, if a person has taken all the doses and gets affected by the virus, his life will not be in danger and he would not need to get hospitalized. The vaccine is to protect people from the virus which may attack in different variants. So, there is nothing to surprise if vaccinated people get affected by the virus. Yes, had the Indian coach Rahul Dravid not taken the vaccine, his life might be in danger but not now. He shall be alright in a few days after the medication treatment.

    The same author has posted the same thread on 20th August After taking three doses of the corona vaccine and now he has posted the same content here in this thread in just matter of 5 days.

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    The success rate of vaccines is never promised as 100%. There are chances for people to get COVID even after three or even more doses. That is why all health care professionals advise people to follow the protocols like wearing a mask and maintaining social distance, even after vaccination. Not only Indian-made vaccines but also other vaccines are not having a 100% success rate. But the seriousness of the problem may be less for the people who got vaccinated.
    Again these vaccines may not be useful for all variants. These matters are very well discussed many times by many doctors. Thinking that once we take vaccine, we are free to do anything and we will not get by COVID is a wrong notion. There are many vaccines which are having just a 70% success rate. It is the interest of the individual to get vaccinated or not. I know some people who never went for vaccination but they never got affected by COVID. With such few cases, we can't say vaccination is not required.

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    @Jeets I think the vaccines made for Coronavirus are not at all up to the mark as we are giving reasons or excuses for the death of those affected by Cornavavirus even after taking the vaccines. As we all know coronavirus won't play a pivotal role in the cause of death. Only if and only if the Coronavirus is most affected by old people, who are suffering from some serious disease or illness much before the virus is affected might cause death. In others, it is only a come-and-go for the majority of people (who are healthy people, youth, and have immunity power even with no serious illness or health conditions whatever the age). But even after taking this Vaccine, there are such scenarios and situations healthy people are also affected by the virus is the sentence you must remember and underline it. Hence my Hypothesis and sample theory on the vaccine is not effectively working in the body.
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    Bhushan, I think for the country betterment, you should try to create a vaccine that can help people. Believe me it would be life saving for the people who lives on this mother earth. Instead of cursing other why not you initiate something magical ?

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    Bhushan, having posted a thread on the topic earlier, I don't understand why you have come up with the same topic again. Please do not repeat similar topics even if it is given a cover of specifics.
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