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    Children should be motivated to do petty works themselves

    We are entering the age of great automation. There are a variety of gadgets to help us in household work. Verbal commands like 'Alexa, switch off the light' are becoming common in upper class families. New models of fridge are coming with a digital screen on them and one can watch a programme while working in the kitchen.
    These technical advancements are good and making our life easier but there is a catch in it. The children in the houses are becoming habitual and addicted to these gadgets and they are not learning the value of manual work which is very necessary to understand in their lives. Once they do not learn the importance of manual woking then later they would not respect it and that might lead to some sort of personality disorder also and they will be expecting everything happening automatically or to be done by others.
    We must inculcate working habits in the children and teach them the importance of work so that they are motivated to do their own works themselves.
    For example if we ask a pampered child to bring a cup or say spoon from the kitchen then he would not budge and simply ask us to get it ourselves. He is behaving like that because he has not learnt those things and always believed that it was someone else's duty to do so.
    What are your views on this? Please share.
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    It is always necessary for children to do some work manually on their own. That will make them habituated to doing work on their own and also will have some physical activity also. Otherwise, they will get addicted to gadgets and pass their time with those gadgets only. But there is a problem here. If they observe elders in the house spending time with phones, they will follow them. So we have to work in their presence and then ask them to do it. For example, my wife carries vessels to the kitchen. My granddaughter observes the same and takes a small glass or something like that to go behind her. Like this, she is learning points while observing her grandmother. So what we instruct to the kids, should also be followed by us before instructing them. Then only they will give importance to our instructions.
    Based on the age of the kid, we have to tell the kid some work so that they can get accustomed to performing some physical activity.

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    In Beas, Punjab, we used to go to Radha Soami Satsang Beas for darshan and satsang of our Spiritual Guruji. There in Langar / bhojan bhandar they offered food for every one. Similarly we, sangaths /visitors can offer their services also to the Langar/ Bhojan bhandar volunteer. We have seen once some ladies and gents were sitting and did their seva of cutting vegetables and unpeeling onion / garlic etc., This is not new but the thing we have seen was very strange. Small children of them were collecting the unpeeled garlic loaves and dropping in to the vessel kept for that. My wife by seeing this got surprised that the children themselves offered their services.
    It is good to train them in small small matters and sometimes the same will also make them trained to follow in the future, similar to switching off the lights, cleaning their plates after their eating. But this should not be get motivated in the morning school going hours as there are possibilities of getting diverted. I have seen in a house they are sending their small 10 years old child to buy milk and the child has to hurry herself to the shop and after that should take bath and getting ready for auto to school.

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    Yes, that is correct and parents must do things themselves instead of instructing some gadgets to do a task. As Dr Rao has rightly mentioned in his reply parents should be the living example to their children. Only instructing the children will not bring out the desired results. Children learn by observing and then copying. Whatever they see at home or school is reflected in their activities. A good and suitable example may be the addiction to mobile gadgets. Many are blaming the children and becoming clueless about their children's excessive mobile use. But if we closely observe, it will be found that their parents are always with such mobile devices all the time and also hand over their smart mobile devices to the children as a trick when they behave in a different manner. If somehow the kids become too much dependent on gadgets the parents must look for the reason and address it properly before it goes out of their control.

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