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    When you change the school ...

    Many students remain in the same school till they complete their class 12 and then go for admission in some UG course in a college. But there are many who have to change the school either due to the transfer of their parents from one place to other or due to some other reason.
    It happened with me also and after completing my class 8 from a school my father decided to change my school to another one in the hope that teaching staff would be better there. Anyway, I got admission there in class 9 but on the first day of classes starting I was late and got a back seat only. In my earlier school I always had a seat in the front row.
    When the teacher started to teach then I realised that I was not able to read what the teacher was writing on the blackboard. On that day in one class I couldn't answer a question that teacher asked me as I was not able to read what was written on the blackboard.
    The teacher knew my father and told him that there was some problem with my eyes and the very next day my father took me for an eye test and we found that I had myopia and I needed a spectacle for correcting that.
    A change of school and getting a seat in the back row disclosed that problem.
    Have you got any experience of changing school and may be something like missing the old friends or some other interesting thing? Please share.
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    Sometimes our problems may not be recognised under certain conditions and they will come out only under some special conditions only. I never faced such a situation personally and my schooling was in the same school from 1st standard to 10th standard.
    My uncle's (my father's brother's) daughter's son was in his intermediate. Because of the COVID pandemic, he did not attend school for almost 2 years. After 2 years he went to the school and noticed that he was not able to read what was written on the blackboard even though he was sitting in the first row. He came and informed his parents about the problem. Immediately they took him to the famous L V Prasad Eye hospital in Hyderabad. They found that the problem is not with the eye but a nerve that is going from the heart to the brain and they suggested that brian is to be operated on. They got the boy admitted to a very famous hospital in Hyderabad. But the surgery was not successful and the boy left this world at a very early age. A very sad occurring and the parents went into a deep depression and slowly trying to come out.

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    The postings are depicting the real problem of children in the school education. All our brothers studied 1 to 5 in one school and 6-11(for me and elder brother) 12 (for other brothers) in a another high school. We never faced any problem in any way as many teachers knows us well as a brother of so and so, son of so and so. This will help to communicate and get communicated on any issues.
    But I am seeing on vague reasons some people change the school of their children by considering themselves that the school is not better than any other etc., without understanding the practical difficulties. A family friend of our house shifted his daughter to a school nearby to his house for some reason. He found that his daughter suffered from pain in her back below neck even in the two months of joining. This leads absenteeism for her. He took the girl to a doctor who suggested to go for an ortho doctor. The ortho doctor analysed the pain and suggested for scan. He on that day came to our house and asked for a good scanning center nearby. I surprised to hear this and gave a casual talking with the girl. She told that she was unable to carry all the books and notebooks daily as there is no time table system in the new school but in the earlier school she was taking books according to the scheduled periods only. Then I took that girl with his father to the family doctor initially they consulted and explained the situation. That doctor then examined her and gave initially pain killing tablets for two days and prescribed some medicines for energy. On meeting with the class teacher of her, arrangements have been made to have limited books to carry. Now she is accommodative in school as well health wise.

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    I studied in an upper primary school in a village up to my fourth class. Then I was staying with my maternal grandparents. From fifth class on wards I joined a High School in a nearby town. That was where my parents were staying.
    I did not feel any problems in joining the new school. In fact I was more happy because the school is just across the road from my home. Moreover I was going to stay with my siblings and parents. I was going to study in English medium school, which were relatively few those times. The school was a prominent one n that area and had a large playground with good buildings. Due t the proximity, I could come home during the recess intervals and grab a mouthful of some eatables that my mother used to prepare and keep ready. As most teachers and students knew m house, I was a bit and popular and was aware of the status of it.

    The only regret was that I am not staying with my grandparents.

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    Our education system is divided into various stages Primary, Upper Primary/Middle, Secondary, Senior secondary and college. Almost students face the problem of changing school during student life, but changing is the rule of the nature.
    I changed schools after complete my primary and secondary. When I join my college, I realized that it is totally different from the school. Every Change gives a new experience of life.

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    Changing the school environment all of sudden could lead to discomfort to many of us because of changed environments. The colleagues, the teachers and many other things changed and we would be required to adjust the new environment. The subjects might be the same but the way of handling would be different in the changed set ups. It can create a psychological imbalance among ourselves but the there are pupils compromising the changes and pay full attentions to their studies. In that way, they are doing their bests to forget the old episodes and are striving hard to show their improved performance even in the changed atmosphere. We must salute these students for their resilient behaviours.

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