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    Un accompanied baggage loading at airports

    In the modern world, most of us started travelling by air both domestic and international. I also happened to travel many times.

    Regarding the baggage, I noticed a phenomenon which I felt authorities need to do some action. For the baggage declaring as unaccompanied is the one which i am mentioning here. A person who comes first at the time to take the boarding pass from the airline at origin port, will receive the baggage in the end at the destination port. That means who done the check in last will get the baggaat the beginning. Is it little strange???

    I think this is due to the loading pattern of air line or the airport handling authorities. They also while loading into airline, first loading the initial baggage so that it will offload in the end at destination. In my information this is happening around the world with all airlines.

    Authorities should rethink on this and hope every one will comment your views on tjis.
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    During the check in process the luggage also goes to the airplane in two or three instalments as time is limited and they cannot wait for all the luggage to be received and then arrange it in a order for loading. That could be the reason that whatever luggage is coming first is to be dumped inside and the luggage which comes later is placed in the mouth of the storage. Even if the luggage comes in one go in the connected trolleys, it would be stored in a random manner without bothering who checked in first and who in the last.
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    The airport authorities are more interested to utilise the time in a more competitive ways while handling the baggage of the passengers. They would not wait for the last minutes of the commuters for their check in time. They would follow a systematic pattern of offloading the cargoes during the different intervals so as to facilitate the process of stacking of the baggages. This might form a compact bundle of baggages and at the mouth of hole of stacking of baggages, there could be the baggages of the commuters joining late in the hours of departure.

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    The weight adjustment in different parts of the plane is one consideration for the luggage handling crew. There is no chance for them to adjust the passengers based on their weight but they can manage the luggage.
    Another factor is time management. They can't wait till the last passenger comes and then start luggage handling, it will not be possible for them to manage the time. That is why those people will start luggage handling early. But after unloading from the aircraft they will bring all the luggage in the same vehicle and start putting them on the conveyor belt.
    I travelled a lot within India and abroad also. Sometimes my luggage used to come very early and sometimes it used to take more time irrespective of boarding the flight. Practically it may not be possible for the cargo handling persons to see that first in will the first out.

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