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    Is it acceptable that money can buy happiness? Or Good health and a peaceful mind can make you happy

    It is widely seen that even rich people with millions of dollars are not happy because of serious ailments and anxiety. All the wealth that they possess would not make them happy when they get bedridden. For example, many rich people depend on the caretakers to take them to the hospitals and nurse them at home as their children do no have enough time to even spare enough time for them. Longing for being close to their children make them anxious that would make them even sicker. Can we conclude after going through the above content that money can not buy happiness.
    On the contrary, there are some poor people with very little resources who lead a very happy life because they do not have any kind of serious issues related to their health. They are also mentally very stable as they do not have to worry about hospital visits and have to gulp down syrups and swallow tablets.
    What is your opinion?
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    This seems to be very interesting post raised by the author. While we hanker after money day and night but this never offers us sense of satisfaction. We would like to have more and more even if we are passing through the very comfortable period.
    Now coming to the aspect of peace of mind, this can be achieved through the accompaniment of sound health. Hence perfect health can restore peace and would curtail unnecessary expenses relating to medical ground.

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    Happiness is a state of mind and if a person is happy in spite of having less money and facilities then it is a great thing. So happiness cannot be attributed to the wealth directly. One of the most interesting thing in this aspect is that there is no sure shot method to get happiness. Sometimes a person feels happy even in bad situation while many are unhappy and sad even if they have good amount of money and materialistic pleasures. It is believed that if a person is healthy and engaged in activities which provide him some earnings for his livelihood in a comfortable way then he might remain in the positive domain of happiness. Another important thing is that every person in this world does not get everything that one yearns. So one has to learn the art of getting satisfied with the available facilities and earnings.
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    This is the topic that was discussed here a number of times. Every time majority of the members feel health is wealth and that is very important. The happiness of a person depends on his mindset and his expectations. A person who is having crores of rupees need not be happy. he will have his own problems. He may suffer from many ailments and even may not enjoy their food. At the same time, a poor person who just had his lunch happily can sleep on the floor without any health issues. Happiness is not material to see. It is a state of mind. Some people will feel happy even for small gains also and such people will be healthy also. But some people will always be unhappy only. They always look at the negatives only. They feel as if they are the only person on this earth who is suffering.
    Health is more important for a person. When you are not healthy the money with you may not bring any happiness. So money is required for our living but it is not the only issue that makes a man happy. There are many other points that are required for a happy life.

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    With mere money we cannot buy happiness or good health or peace in mind unless otherwise we put ourselves effort to get them. Just because of money, if one says, he obtain happiness or health or peace, it is just humbug word and not real. I heard from one of my friend who is an officer earning six digits salary but suffering with diabetic, knee pain in his age of less than 50. A manager in our organization, used to tell me that he is getting hectic bill for telephones in his house as his house persons utilize the phone more in his absence. He has a good volume of money then why he is worrying?

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