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    Why an online payment method is not yet set on IndiaStudyChannel?

    Since I joined a long back in 2008, I can see still is paying its members manually to their postal address. Why shouldn't they try any online payment method by which the courier charge will be saved a lot?

    Otherwise, just they can collect the bank details of members on the profile page and make at least NEFT transfers or UPI payments, which are free to use. Why still pay through offline mode?
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    Welcome back Selvakumaran K.

    You seem to have some incorrect information. The payment is not sent by courier or postal services at all but is very much online. Members download the prescribed invoice format, fill it up, and upload it. Please refer to this Help Topic: How to receive payments, where the instructions are clearly provided along wit a link to the invoice format.

    Please note that if you require any clarifications about ISC features, raise a forum thread instead of putting it as a query in our Ask Expert section where this question was put. It is advisable also to go through the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum to update yourself about all the changes in the features, policies, and guidelines that have taken place since you are returning after a long time. You can then resume your contributions to ISC.

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    We are getting our monthly or periodical payments whatever be the case maybe directly to our bank accounts. We have only to submit (upload) the invoice in the portal itself and that process is well established in ISC.
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    Even from the beginning, Indiastudychannel is paying online only. We will raise the invoice after getting the payment notification and email. The bank details are available in the invoice and accordingly, ISC will transfer the amounts. Uploading the invoice on the site is also easy and has no hurdles. Generally, we will be receiving payments within 10 days from the date of raising our invoice. I on this site since 2016 and regularly receive payments and never received a courier from ISC.
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    #763934 @Vandana,

    Yes, we get the payment online and have received the payment always through online since I have joined. Yet, I cannot understand that why ISC need complete resident address if the payment is sent through online? As we all know providing personal address is not safe everywhere however we do it in ISC because if we do not provide the address we might not get the payment!

    So, I can only request to ISC admin that please think over it again and make the payment process is simple so that we do not need to provide our personal informations other than bank account details.

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    I am surprised at the query. I consider this as a norm for most work scenarios, whether offline or online. I have done work for online organizations, and it is routine to provide one's address and contact numbers even if payment is done through an online mode. So also with ISC. For certain administrative and security reasons (such as a legal issue or a cyber security issue coming up with regard to a member's content), addresses and contact phone numbers are required to be submitted.

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    #763971@ Vandana, I too am surprised with your surprised answer. Ok, as you say about syber security reason then why not ISC ask the personal nformation when one is joining this website? And why only during payment process? Offline work I can understand but I too have worked in other online website where they do not ask the complete residence address but only online account. As far as cyber security is concerned, a person can be located with their IP address that does not reqiure residence address if at all if it require.

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    Also, in payment instructions in ISC, it says that you need to provide the residential address where the online transaction to the bank account is not available so that ISC can send the DD to the recipient's home address. So it is clear that the residence address is not required for security reasons but to send DD.

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    I had forgotten the DD aspect, so thanks for that reminder. I will inquire with the Webmasters if the DD payment option is still available for members.

    Perhaps the address details are not insisted upon at the time of joining ISC so as not to discourage members from joining, that is, maybe members will be a little hesitant to join if personal details are asked for right at the outset. As for IP tracing, that can be masked by someone who really wants to hide!

    By the way, I do think the payment process of ISC is very simple. How complicated can it be to just fill in basic personal details?

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    Yes please, you should inquire it and by the time you would have got the answer too from the webmaster.

    for your second para, I have nothing much to say because you have said it all! In your words, the site think that personal details are asked when the payment time so that one have to provide it if they want to get their hard earned money, right?
    True, people can masked their identity but we should not forget that we are providing our genuine name and banck account details and that is enough to trace a person and his whereabout.

    But I still don't think it is simple. Simple means once you provide your bank details that is enough.
    "How complicated can it be to just fill in basic personal details?"
    What if we say the same to ISC? Would it be complicated if we only provide our bank details?

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    We no longer send payments via demand draft or cheque. All payments are made only via bank transfer.

    Name and address details are required as part of KYC. While members may provide fake address, it is our responsibility to collect the identity information and keep with us for legal, accounting and tracking purposes.

    Tony John
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