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    Street dog menace? How to overcome it ?

    In the area where I live, several street dogs cause problems for the people living there. The matter has been brought to the authorities concerned. The municipalities caught them but left them back at the place after sterilizing them. Some dogs have even bitten a few residents. Further, due to the barking of the dogs constantly at night, some residents spend sleepless nights.
    Earlier, the mad dogs which used to be a threat to the local people used to be killed. But, now due to many dog lovers pinpointing cruelty towards animals, such dogs are no longer killed. Some normal street dogs are causing panic among the residents as they are disturbing the peace of the whole neighborhood.
    In addition, people who have pet dogs bring them for a walk and make them pee in front of houses resulting in arguments. Some pet owners do not do that but clean the place when it is done by unknowingly.
    Do you face any such issues in your area? If so how do you handle the situation?
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    There are many street dogs in our area also. They will be barking in the night many times causing disturbance to the people living around. This is a very common problem in cities, towns and villages in India.
    The government should make a plan to open some rehabilitation centres for these pet dogs. They have to sterilise the dogs and keep them in that particular rehabilitation centre. Slowly the population will come down. Otherwise, they have to sterilise and leave them in new places in a scattered way so that the population will not be more at some places. These are the two solutions to the problem. But how the governments will tackle the problem is not known.
    People who are having pet dogs should have some common sense also. They should not try to make others suffer because of their pet dogs. If such things happen we should complain against such people to the police and see that they will be punished.

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    Ours is an animal loving country. Whether it is a pet or a stray dog people love them and there are many animal lovers who give them food regularly and that is the reason why these animals are surviving also. Municipalities have a limited role in this matter and if reported they would take care of a mad dog but other dogs will be kept back by them, of course after sterilization to control their population.
    In many towns and cities there are so many stray dogs and people feed them and their numbers in fact is on increasing side only. Right now we do not see any solution to this problem until a national policy in this regard is formulated which helps in getting rid of this menace.

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    It is really a problem for walkers on the roads especially the persons having walking habit in the mornings and evenings suffers a lot because of the street dogs. Moreover there is a fear while seeing small children after coming from schools suffers because of the street dogs. I am seeing many persons on the road side tea shops etc., offers biscuits, bread bits etc. so, the dogs are roaming very much. In some houses like apartments the street dogs are offered food by some houses so that the dogs are always at their house side and barking if anybody crosses there.

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