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    What would you choose - top position in a small group or some position in a large group?

    Everyone has got some talent, skills, and capabilities by which he gets a position in a particular group or in a workplace or in an organization, etc. When the group is small one might be high in the merit and even would lead the group or be in the top position but the same person when he joins a big group then generally would not be on the top and most probably he would be somewhere in the middle, either more near to the top or the bottom depending upon the qualifications and talents of other people. It is obvious that there is big competition everywhere and we would not be on top everywhere.

    So what would be your choice - to be in the top slots in a small group or just lie somewhere in a big group depending upon the merit? Please share your thoughts on this.
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    Incidentally my choice is some position in a big group.
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    This thread reminded me of my college time debate on the same topic with a different version. All were young with higher aspirations and a Dist. Collector being a role model for many. At that time my argument was based on the line - 'I prefer to be the master of a hell rather than being a servant in heaven'.

    I don't know whether to endorse the same view as of now or to stay safe exercising our abilities to the best of our satisfaction in a larger group without taking any risk!


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    If you work in a big organization under which there are a few seniors, even if you work hard and have more capacity than them, you would not be much noticed. Your salary might be satisfying but you may not be noticed. However, when you work in a small group and work hard for a small company, you would be appreciated and rewarded for your hard work with an open heart.
    The above applies to working in a small group or a big group. Further, if you are in a small group a quick decision could be taken fast On the contrary when you are in a large group too many members might have different attitudes which might take a long time to decide. This for me working in a small group with a big or small company is always good.

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    I don't agree with the author! His thinking provides negativity. I mean how can he be so sure that one cannot be on top in the large group? If one has talent and skill one can be on top anywhere, yes one may not taste success initially but if one has true character and work hard it is not impossible either!!

    Yes, in a big group there is bigger competition and to reach one top, one has to work hard continuously. Saying – "generally would not be on the top and most probably he would be somewhere in the middle, either more near to the top or the bottom.." show the negative thinking of the author.

    If I have to give an example I can take the author's example itself in the ISC. Was he the forum superstar just a month after joining the ISC? Did not he feel competition here? But after he learned and experience in ISC, he is now the forum Superstar!

    Millennium star Amitabh and SRK who is from another city came to Mumbai did they become a superstar in just 1 or 2 movies?

    Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, did they reach on top in playing just one or two matches?

    No, not all, to reach on top, one has to struggle, fight and work hard and then only they will get success no matter whether it is in a small group or big. If one does not work hard they would not even reach on top even in a small group.
    My thinking is that if one has to progress he/she has to have a group better than them and then only one can get success. Having people under-skilled than them will not able to provide them any growth.

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    That all depends on the individual. During my study, we used to discuss this point many times among us in our hostel. Different people used to express their own points to support their stand.
    A king is a king. His kingdom may be small and he will be the final authority and he can get things done as per his understanding and abilities. If the guy is very good and if there is a good team, a small company can become a big group.
    No company is big on the day of its incorporation. So I will not see the size. I will see the position I am getting and how much justification I can do to that post if offered to me. Another point we should keep in mind is how strong and stable is the company. If you are joining in a senior position in stable and strong company even though it is small in size you can grow with the organisation and the organisation may become very big under your leadership.

    always confident

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