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    What makes the major part of revenue earning on IndiaStudyChannel?

    As I'm still a silver member of ISC, I require some clarifications regarding revenue sharing program. Everyone knows very well that one can make money on IndiaStudyChannel by participating on revenue sharing programs like publishing articles, forum posting, asking questions, answering to questions, commenting, etc.

    These are direct revenue sharing from ISC and the same like there are some third-party integrated revenue sharing programs like Google Adsense ads and Infolinks ads. I have certain doubts on both of these revenue sharing program and listing my doubts below:

    1) Which method is meant for higher volume of earning, third-party integrated revenue sharing or direct revenue sharing from ISC?
    2) Is it safe to link my Google Adsense account which is already approved and connected with my other personal sites?
    3) Whether the revenue sharing program is suitable for part-time earners only or one can depend on as a full-time writer at IndiaStudyChannel?
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    There are two types of revenue earnings if you are contributing in ISC regularly in various sections of your choice. First is the direct earning (cash credits) in ISC through contributing articles, answering in Ask Experts section, making educational contributions or information updates, making job postings, taking part in the contests, commenting and responding to articles and adding value to them etc. Against all these contributions you would be getting some cash credit as well as some points. In forum section you would get mostly points but sometimes may get a few cash credits also. However, your forum posts made in a fortnight would be automatically elligible for forum thread award for that fortnight for outstanding forum posts. So through all this you would be able to accumulate some points and some cash credits in a month and depending on your total points you would also be eligible for some revenue sharing which might reflect in your earnings next month and is known as revenue sharing bonus (RSB).
    The second earning is indirectly from Google Adsense association which you can only do when you become a gold member here and have contributed at least ten articles (approved ones). Google Adsense will pay you directly to your Bank account and for that you would have to take action in that site only where you can associate all your blog sites and this site or any other site which permits you to do so.
    You might be aware that because of a large number of sites and a much larger number of people ready to contribute for earning there is a rush of writers and authors everywhere and it takes time to start some earning from them. In my experience the earning made is small and of part time nature only. You cannot solely depend on it for your livelihood.
    Anyway keep on contributing and stay here for a long time and apart from earning some money there are immense opportunities here to learn and improve one's creative faculties and I think that is the bigger motivation here for many of us to work. So keep contributing and learn and earn in the process. All the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I like to inform you that ISC provides two opportunities to its members. The first one is learning. You can acquire knowledge by going through various sections on this site. The second one is that you may get some money for your contributions which may be helpful for your pocket expenses.
    If you have an approved Google Adsense account you can earn through that also by posting here. This money will come to you directly from Google Adsense and ISC will not come in between.
    ISC will announce a Revenue share bonus for the top 20 scoring members based on the points they acquired during the month. On the last day of every month, you will get this notification through a thread from the Webmaster. Then this RSB and the other cash credits you earned through various postings as mentioned in the above thread will be clubbed and if you have the minimum prescribed amount you will be receiving a piece of information through an email and you can upload your invoice and payment will come to you.

    always confident

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