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    August payment received from ISC

    I would like to inform webmaster Mr. Timmy John and admin of ISC that I have received the August payment on 6th september. Thanks for prompt response from the webmaster and thanks to ISC.
    I have submitted my invoice on 2nd of September and receive the payment on my account in just 4 days.
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    I also received my payment for the month of August 2022, yesterday. I also uploaded my invoice on the 2nd and I received the payment on the 6th.
    Recently we have noticed some delays in releasing the payments. But this month I received it very early and My sincere thanks to ISC for releasing the payment on time.
    I congratulate Jeets for receiving payment from ISC for the month of August. Hope he will contribute more and more so that he will receive payment from ISC in the coming months also with out fail.

    always confident

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    I have also received my payment for August month on 6th September 2022. I thank ISC management for the prompt and speedy payment made to the eligible members.
    Knowledge is power.

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