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    Do you agree that the face is the index of the mind?

    We all hear many times this very common proverb, the face is the index of the mind. This proverb means that the thoughts in our minds may reflect on our faces and in our body language. By observing our feelings, others may understand what is going on in our minds.

    But I feel that this may not be a universal fact. Many times we may get misguided by observing the feelings of others. I have come across many people who appear as if they are very innocent. But when we hear about their actions we will get astonished. Such people are called cow-faced tigers in Telugu. I have seen many such people.

    I like to know the views and experiences of other members on this.
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    Generally speaking and in most of the situations face reflects the things which are going in the mind. The reason is very simple that our brain creates appropriate and related gestures on our faces and the other person gets a clue as what is going on there. Some people are able to hide the reflections on their faces but such people will be there in small numbers and their percentage may not be signifïcant. But the important point is that these people are actually cheating. By making a stubborn face they are simply making other gullible people fool.
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    Certainly. I can find out the inner thoughts of a person by seeing his/her face. We can easily identify whether the person opposite to us telling lie or not by seeing his face and gestures. This helped me a lot during my employment as a Manager of a big company.

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    It's quite interesting. There are people who can hide their pain and laugh or at least smile in front of others. I think that's a great quality if you can maintain the same psyche all the time irrespective of what is happening inside you.

    What the author has mentioned in the thread is quite different and aptly termed cheating by Umesh Sir in his response. If one looks innocent but acts in a wicked way then undoubtedly the person is wearing an invisible mask. We need to be cautious about persons wearing invisible masks. Because of the pandemic situation, we became used to seeing people wearing face masks which are visible but we should not forget that there are some people who wear invisible masks and create nuisances.


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    Don't judge a book by its cover. It is also a punch sentence that conflict with "Face is the index of the mind". We meet many people in our life. Not all the people be like what we think and assume about them.

    The words, "Face is the index of the mind" does not mean exactly what it says. We should apply the meaning at certain circumstances only. If you accuse a man in front of him, who is the real culprit, his face expression will betray what he thinks in his mind. His face expression will agree that he is the culprit. That is where the tag "Face is the index of the mind comes".

    It does not mean the normal face. It exactly means the expressions of the faces. Those expressions shows the mind states of the persons.

    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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