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This initiative by the author is now an official contest. Participate and win prizes!
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    Picture based short story contest

    This is a picture-based short story contest.

    The short story should be based on the photograph that I have annexed below. Study the picture carefully and start cracking your creative brains.

    Please write an original story in your own words based on the picture and submit it below this post only. Your stories must not exceed the word limit of 300 words. It is obvious that the members contributing story here have to follow the rules and regulations of ISC in the matter and submit only their own creative content. Your stories can be of any genre but must be realistic and convincing.

    Update: Two best entries will be receive a cash reward of Rs 50/- each and all other valid entries may be given cc of maximum Rs 20/- each. awards from the ISC virtual award gallery.

    The contest will be closed on the 25th September '22 . Hope you all would participate and make the contest lively.

    This contest is submitted by me subject to any changes made by the site editors.
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    Knowledge is power.

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    A humble reminder to the members that last date of this contest is the Sunday, 25th September, 2022. Hope members will spare time to participate.
    Knowledge is power.

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    This is a nice picture. I will discuss with the admin. if we can have an official story writing contest based on it.
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    Once upon a time in a dense forest, a cute duck lived alone. There were no other creatures found to live as far as the duck could see. While the duck was living alone, one day an angel appeared behind the duck surprisingly.

    On observing the duck's loneliness and pity, the angel asked the duck what it wanted. She said to the duck "I'm ready to give you anything whatever you ask". Seeing this, the duck felt and realized that there is always some force and divinity behind us to watch everything around us and take care of our needs. So, he bowed down to the angel saying that he did not need anything else and that seeing the angel itself was a great pleasure for the duck.

    Further observing the generosity of the duck, the angel blessed it with some creatures that were suitable for its companionship. The angel disappeared then. There onwards, the duck along with all other creatures lived a happy life in that forest.

    Thanks & regards
    Selvakumaran Krishnan

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    In water, on land, everywhere a duck moves with the same speed, just as the Supreme Soul is omnipresent everywhere, on land, on and on, in his equal manifestation. They are able to distinguish between water and milk. If water and milk are mixed, he takes only the solid milk and the water remains. This nature of the duck also carries significance in the pursuit of knowledge. Both eternal and vain or impermanent things exist in the world. It is better to accept the existence of eternal things by the judgment of conscience and reject vain or impermanent things altogether. A duck walks in water but does not get wet in its body. On the other hand, the goddess of the picture seems to be Vidyadevi Saraswati. And this swan is the vehicle of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning and knowledge. According to the Shastras, Goddess Saraswati is worshiped on the Shukla Panchami tithi in the month of Magha. Apart from Hindus, Buddhists and Jains also practice Saraswati Puja. Mahasaraswati was the image of the goddess conceived when Sri Srichandi slayed the asuras called Shumbha and Nishumbha in the Uttaralila. In the Rig Veda, Bagdevi or Saraswati is described as all-pervading. The universe is revealed in his light. When that light is lit in the heart, then the darkness like unconsciousness disappears. In the heart, everywhere, the virtue of knowledge starts to shine. This Jyoti is Brahma Gyan or Saraswati. So she is worshiped by us as the goddess of knowledge. Everything is there in this picture, only needs a musical instrument Veena in her hand to meet the complete Vidya Devi.
    So in my opinion it needs not to be required to form any story anymore, it's the true picture of Saraswati Devi.

    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    Sankranti is fast approaching. There is a festive atmosphere everywhere around. Farmers are very busy in their activities on their farms so that they can bring the crop on time to their houses. The people working in cities are busy making their plans to visit their village and spend their time during festivals there. Grandmothers are busy making special snacks so that their children and grandchildren can enjoy them during their visit to the village for the festival. Parents are busy purchasing dresses for their children. All are busy with their activities.
    In villages, many ladies arrange displays of various dolls in their houses and invite other ladies and children to visit their houses and see the dolls that are arranged in them during this festival. Many ladies search many places to purchase special dolls so that their display will attract many people.
    Chinamyi arranges dolls to display in her house every year and always gets applause from many visitors. She arranges dolls keeping a theme behind the display. She started searching for some good dolls keeping a theme of saving nature, this year.
    Nature is the Gift of God. It is making our living possible on this earth. Plants, water, animals and human beings. All these are dependent on each other. When all these coexists on this planet only we can have a peaceful life. Keeping this concept in mind Chinamyi is trying to get a toy that presents all these essential items in a single piece and her search ended by finding the toy shown in the picture. The toy is green in colour. There is a lady, an animal, some flowers and a small piece of the earth under all the above items. She brought and made the same as the main display toy I n her collection and eagerly waiting for the comments from the viewers.

    always confident

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    Little Anjali folded her hands and bent her head in front of the picture of the angel who she thought would answer her prayers. The yellow roses and the duck also looked very divine. Her eyes welled up with tears. She was nine years old and lived with her mother. She had no relatives and her mother used to own a boutique the income she earned was used for Anjali's education as well as running the family.

    Her mother Amala lost her husband when Anjali was just five. Amala had lost her parents at a very young age and was brought up by her grandmother. She too had passed away last year. Tragedy struck her when she met with an accident when was riding her bike to reach her boutique. It has been three days and Anjali's mother had not recovered fully.

    Anjali used to continuously pray before the divine angel to bless her mother and send her home. Her neighbors were very kind and caring. They had taken care of her very well and used to take her to the hospital. One of her neighbors Mary had also taken her to the hospital to visit her mother every morning and evening. Another neighbor Ali would take Mary and Anjali to the hospital by car and drop them back.

    Anjali requested Mary to take her to her own house where her mother had kept the picture of the angel which had yellow roses and a duck. She thought it was her guardian angel and prayed to her wholeheartedly.

    There was a knock at the door while Anjali was praying. She opened the door to find both Mary and Ali rushing in. They told her that her mother Amala was going to be discharged that evening and wanted to see Anjali. Anjali was overwhelmed by the news. She immediately ran to the garden, plucked a yellow rose, and placed it near the picture of the angel with tears in her eyes. For her, the angel was Krishna, Jesus, and Allah. She remembered her mother's words " All gods are one and respect all religions. You pray to God wholeheartedly in any form and your prayers will be answered." Little Anjali was worshiping the angel believing that she was God to her and her prayers were answered. She wiped her tears and held Mary's hand and came out. Ali opened the door of the car for her and within ten minutes they reached the hospital. To her surprise, her mother was wearing a yellow dress and the nurse greeted Anjali with a yellow rose. Anjali was wondering whether it was a coincidence or a miracle that was once again a blessing from the angel.

    The moral of the story is " God indeed exists in any form and answers every prayer of good and innocent human beings"

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    Once there was a beautiful forest, and there were many creatures living there. In a pond, lived a flock of ducks. They all were living a joyful and cheerful life. One day some hunters arrived. They were searching for some ducks to hunt. Soon they reached a small pond. And saw some ducks they hunted a few ducks. The other ducks now were very afraid of those hunters. They pleaded for help from some of their other animal friends. But they even were scared of the hunters.
    Then the next day also some hunters approached they hunted some more ducks. Now the other ducks were frightened and wanted to leave the pond but unfortunately, there was no other pond or any other source of water nearby. They prayed to God 'please send help for us. We are in trouble.'
    Then the next day when the hunters came suddenly an angel appeared. They saw the angel but didn't pay attention to her. They again tried to slaughter the ducks but couldn't. She politely told the hunters that don't kill these ducks, but they didn't agree with the angel. Then the angel with her powers sent the hunters back to their homes. They thought about how did this happen they were surprised and were so fearful that they wouldn't even imagine going back there. The angel told the ducks ' you now needn't fear, everything is alright. No one would try to hunt you all.' All the ducks were very thankful to the angel. And they lived happily ever after.

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    Where have all other creative writers gone? Join in. The contest will close at midnight today.
    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." -Aristotle

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    Duck Duck says Vidhur, a two year little kid, by seeing a DP of his uncle and he asked 'what does duck do? replied 'quack quack' and after uncle came on a video call and asked him whether he is mentioning about the score he recently got in his cricket match, he said, no, he is referring to the wall hanging photograph.

    With the sound of Duck and quack, his sister Vedhu, came into the frame of video call and asked shall I say a story, and thus it goes.

    A duck came into my backyard and kept an egg of it in a thatched ground and every day keeps coming and kept another egg and so on. After it has some sufficient number it started watching the eggs and ready for hatching. But when it went in search of food there is a missing of eggs and hence I went to pray for duck and eggs. That time Angel appears before me and said, don't worry; I am there to take care of your duck and eggs and ducklings to born. When I opened the eyes and I got a video call from uncle and I was surprised to see the Angel Photograph on his wall hangings what I saw in my prayer. So I got confidence that duck will safely hatch ducklings in coming days. After I see duckling coming out by breaking the egg shell and cuteness spread thereafter.

    Oh! there comes out ducklings one,two,three,four,five six out from the shell
    Cute little ducklings said quack quack quack, and to hear the first quack is well
    Day old ducklings going on their first walk, with the blessings of Angel
    The bunch of incredible colours went to the pond to swim with mom.

    Thank you Angel.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    This is the story of a sad duck living in a dense forest constantly looking out for some genuine companionship sharing all its emotions. Though in the midst of dreams there were momentary flashes of Sweet Angles approaching towards it gifting three yellow rose flowers to enjoy peace. It felt that that there was something unique- might be a divine force - to ease her melancholy mood.
    Dreaming of same scene - blessing of Angel on regular basis in the midst of her sound sleep made it all the more nervous and perplexed coming nothing out of it which could console it any way. It finally thought of a concrete plan to share it true emotions before the Angel suggesting the divine force to concede to either of its demands. The first one was that there should not be repeated dreams of such natures regularly making it more distressed. The second one was its desire to meet the omnipotent Angel once its life in this boring universe is over so as to have Angel's constant companionship.
    In the next night while in its deep sleep, it could feel that that some divine force was appearing towards it and it was nothing but the Angel with her smiling face touching her head affectionately and giving it a final approval of her companionship after the death. Till then the Duck would witness three yellow roses all the time to provide it long lasting peace.

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    Happiness in a sculpture

    John, with his mother, Shelly, went to a market to purchase some gifts for Christmas. John was just a twelve-year-old boy but wasn't looking enthusiastic about the shopping for Christmas. Shelly was trying her every bit to make John happy, but nothing gave him some pleasure until he saw a sculpture of different sizes in a shop. He screamed 'Jasmine', freed himself from pulling out his hand from his mother's hand and ran inside a shop of gift items. Shelly got confused and ran after her son, and the moment she entered the shop, she was dumbstruck.

    John looked at his mother with tears of joy in his eyes and requested his mother to buy the beautiful sculptures. Those sculptures were of a gorgeous-looking girl standing amid flowers with a little duck beside her. Shelly, too felt amused when she noticed the sculptures. It resembled her daughter Jasmine who died two years ago in an accident when she was only nineteen. John and Shelly looked at each other and hugged tightly without a word.

    Jasmine's death was unbearable for them. They had just started to learn how to live without Jasmine, and now these sculptures again made them so emotional. Both of them decided to purchase those sculptures of various sizes and decorate their home with them. Although Jasmine's absence was painful, these sculptures somehow made them emotional as they felt Jasmine was around them, and their Christmas became a bit pleasurable.


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